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Spanish El Salvador Presentation

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Hallie Varto

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish El Salvador Presentation

By: Hallie Varto El Salvador General Facts 1. Members of the opposite sex don't usually shake hands. Two Interesting Facts In El Salvador homes in cities, many are two storeys with a
decent amount of rooms, i.e. kitchen, living room. In rural
areas homes are usually one room with two doors and windows. In cities, houses are made of cinderblock, and in rural areas homes are made of adobe, concrete blocks, wood, and corrugated metal. In El Salvador houses many people live in one house. Also, toilets are frequently outside. In rural areas a toilet is called a latrine. These houses are simple and don't look very modern. In poor areas, nothing looks very clean or accessible. Typical Housing Men: They usually wear jeans or khakis with a leather belt and button up shirt. Traditional Clothing A traditional craft, especially in San Sabastian, is hand-woven blankets. They are made mostly of cotton. They are always brightly colored. The purpose is to keep warmth and sell. A Traditional Craft Frijoles Typical Recipe Capital: San Salvador Size: 1,124 sq. miles Comparable-sized State of U.S.: Massachusetts The flag is light blue and white. The blue represents the blue of the sky, and the white represents the white of the clouds and honesty. The symbol is a triangle with five flags and leaves, with a bow around it. The five flags represent the Central American countries. The leaves represent their departments. There are three volcanoes representing Central America and the surrounding oceans. The date of their independence from Spain is also shown. Flag Typical climate: tropical and hot (higher elevation is colder Name of Unit of Currency: U.S. Dollar Official Language(s): Spanish/Pipils/Nahuat Major Religion: Roman Catholic Year of Independence: 1821 Independence from: Spain Title of Head of Government: President Famous Person from El Salvador: Jose Antonio Cortez Famous for: NFL Player Name of Current Head of Government: Maurico Funes Origin of the Name of El Salvador: El Salvador is Spanish for "The Savior," or Jesus Christ. 2. Only about 35 percent of adults are literate. Women: Clothes are tight and include slacks, tank tops, and low cut shirts. Frijoles are a main dish. They are slow cooked and look like a lump of beans. They look similar to chile, but less soupy. Intro El Salvador is a beautiful Central American country. It is full of culture and family tradition. It may be small but is still extremely lively. Between the crafts and food, you are sure to find something you'll enjoy. Conclusion El Salvador has much background and culture that many people don't know about. Like many other Central American countries, tradition is very important and many live just the way their ancestors did. This country is filled with food, crafts, history, and much more. You never know what you might find.
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