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Youth Hostel In Xi'an

Business Plan

Shan Huang

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Youth Hostel In Xi'an

Zhang Sijian 12664787
Dong Ying 12666630
Ma Jun 12666244
Huang Shan 12743500 Idea Introduction Charged
Services DIY Chinese
Handmade Article Brew Chinese
Kung Fu Tea DIY Chinese
Traditional Food Experiential Services Free
Services Personal Planning
Services Chinese Kung Fu Translation Help Mandarin Lessons Opera and Music Instrument
Performance Risk Management Initial Investment Break Even Point
in the 1st year Revenue & Profit Financial Management 1. Market analyze Cooperate with
Other Youth Hostel Network Writers Distribute Leaflets Website Home Page Micro-Movie Marketing Star Effect Marketing Plan How to Attract People? 2. There is a Gap! 3. Two Business Models 190,000 foreign backpackers Terra-Cotta Warriors Ming City Wall Wild Goose Pagoda HuaQing Hot Spring Gap Between Expectation & Reality 1. Communication Problems 2. Services Problems 3. Transportation Problem -Non English Speaking Country -Culture experiential service -Inconvenient infrastructure Business Model 1: Business Model 2: Operating in Main Building Operating with Peasant Families Accommodation
+ Daily Meals
+ Experiential Services Accommodation
+ Daily Meals
+ Rural Life
(+ Experiential Services) Chinese Dumplings Chinese Pancake (Rouga Mo) Chinese noodles Kitchen Design Drawing Paper Cutting Chinese Brush Writing Traditional Chinese Painting 1. Daily Conversation 2. Simple Famous Chinese Songs Long-Term Development Long Term Marketing Chain Hostel Plan Membership Plan Foreign Backpackers Personal Translators Translation Intermediary 2. travel route planning 1. introduction to interest of places Chinese Opera Gu Zheng Pi Pa Tai Chi 1. Find out the most famous backpacker bloggers 2. Try to invite these backpackers to visit in the hostel 3. Share their experience on their websites
or make recommendation 1. Hire production team to make a love story for the hostel 2. Displays the facilities and services of the hostel with interesting and romantic things happen in our hostel. 3. Upload to famous video websites,
such as YouTube and Tudou. Design home pages for the hostel
in different websites provide booking services on line other customers’ evaluations + 1. Hire network writers to make promotion,
write recommended articles for our hostel 2. Upload these articles to Google and BBS 3. Keep on updating and maintenance continuously Cooperate with famous foreign youth hostels. Cooperate with domestic youth hostels. -Youth Hostel Federation -Recommend each other to current customers 1. International Airport &
the Central Train Station 2. English version - foreigners Chinese version -
secondary target market ADDRESS Location: Lintong District of Xi’an The size of this hostel is around 1300 square meters.
Rental budget is S$15000 per year. Requirements: Convenient traffic, Beautiful environment,
Near the tourist attraction, hospital and supermarkets. Decorative Style 1. Design Graph 2. Style We prepare to select 3-5 decoration company, by the way of competitive bidding to determine the design scheme of decoration. The decorative style of hostel will combined with Chinese style & western minimalist style. Recruitment Talent Exchange Center / labor market Campus recruitment Network recruitment Introduction by old employees Select the major transit cities and popular
destinations to expand chain hostels. In the transit cities and in the central area of tourism destination cities, the hostel will only maintain the three parts: Chinese style rooms, Leisure Time in a hall, and an opening kitchen. Email marketing Sales incentives and promotion Xi’an airport & train station advertisement Aircraft magazine advertisement Traveling magazine advertisements Management Service Evaluation KPI/BSC Financial risk Operating cost will exceed budget, control of input cost such as renovation cost. Control of renovation budget. Adopt cost effective decoration company ,clearly the quality of the materials used and other parameters in the budget table which should be clearly marked out Control of operating costs: the use of wear and economic materials, start from the basic objects in order to control cost. The occupancy rate is not reach
the break even point In the beginning, there might be a low occupancy rate. Cooperate with travel agency to increase customers. HR risk Employee may not qualified with required abilities and occupational skills. Based on 4R human resource strategy and KPI to management people. 4R Strategy KPI appraisal system Recruit people from related fields. Retrain people with “foregather” skill. Reward people to achieve high performance. Retain people to make them have the willing to
take the initiative to help enterprises develop Risk of being copied Change of unique selling point over time Maintain service quality and recruit more excellent talents, to keep improving the overall quality of management team. Change the unique selling point over time. Enrich the experiential courses. Promotion and advertising to further develop brand recognition and brand awareness. In the initial stage, in order to reach the break even point to gain profit, we need to cooperate with tourism institution and travel agency to maintain a good occupancy rate and increase customers. The average break even occupancy rate
is about 30%. 2 Relatively conservative revenue expectations 1 Relatively exaggerated estimation of the cost Operating References: Linda J. Pinson. (2008). Anatomy of A Business Plan. United States of America. Stephen, Choo. (2006). Entrepreneurial Management. Australia: Tilde University Press Michael D. Hartline. (2011). Marketing Management Strategies. Canada. Julia, C.,& Stephen, T. (2010). Strategic HRM. Australia: Tilde University Press Questionnaire Zhang, W. (2010, April 9). The youth hostels do not welcome domestic tourists. China Youth Daily, Tourism Weekly. Retrieved from http://zqb.cyol.com/content/2010-04/09/content_3174481.htm Sun, P & Xi, Y. L. (2012). Comparative analysis of Chinese and foreign backpacker tourists in Xi'an. Northern Economic, 24(2), 80-81. China National Tourism Administration. (2012). Chinese inbound tourism development annual report. Retrieved from http://www.cnta.com/html/2012-7/2012-7-12-18-16-06769.html Zhang, Z. H. (2012, September 24). The number of inbound tourists in Xi'an breaks million mark. Xi’an Daily. http://news.xiancn.com/content/2012-09/24/content_2661379.htm Unique Selling Point Hsieh, Yi Hua; Chen, Hai Ming.(2011), Strategic fit among business competitive strategy, human resource
strategy, and reward system.[Electric version]. Academy of strategic management journal, 10.2, 11-32. Su Dezhong,(2013), Increase employee well-being to improve the efficiency of enterprises Retrieved from
http://www.sino-manager.com/201356_67931.html Xi’an statistic 2011, The per capita cash income of rural residents in the district Retrieved from
http://www.xatj.gov.cn/article/sort055/sort0177/info-3827.html Parmenter, David,(2010), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) : Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs Retrieved from http://www.jcu.eblib.com.au.elibrary.jcu.edu.au/patron/FullRecord.aspx?p=485633 Based on industry data Cash Flow Sale & Cost Structure Decoration fee of a three star hotel with 50 standard rooms is about $200000 in China. Related to investment estimation. Occupancy rate in 4 months slack season is about 30%; in 8 months peak season is almost 100%. Related to revenue forecast. The payback period is 17 months -Combine Bilingual Cultural Experiential Services with Youth Hostel -Cultural Experiential Youth Hostel Booking. Com for 24-26 rooms hostels Industry occupancy rate is 76% on average during one year Industry occupancy rate is 76% on average during one year Our occupancy rate expectation is 53% in the first year
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