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Literature Reviewing

No description

Avtar Natt

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Literature Reviewing

Literature Reviewing
A Librarian's Interpretation


Break your question down to two or three 'things'

Then convert the things to nouns that encapsulate what you are looking for

Do not forget to use synonyms when applicable

ie. Does the implementation of electronic patient records herald the improvement of efficiency in the NHS?

Saunders (2012) A librarian's interpretation of Table 3.1 (pp. 84-85)
Appendix - Some of the librarian information is old but the tips are great!
Know where to look!
Remember: Over the years science has grown Exponentially
The effect on a student's literature review is huge
Solution 1 - Scouting
Solution 2 - Scaling
Adjust your entire search strategy once you can size up in your mind just how much stuff there is
Scopus can help your scouting process as well as open doors you never realise existed
A demonstration using
What about
Remain on the path of answering your question but think about the impact of a references list with quality sources?
Final thoughts...
What on earth would I be referring to here?
A word of warning about highly cited papers
Could they
just be like?
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