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Group Dynamics

No description

John Edvard Reiten

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Group Dynamics

Two approaches to describe Recurring-phase theories * Sequential-stage theories Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development Some Tips left: Length of Each Stage During rebelling: 4 advices Combine two theories Group Complete The development of group over time What is a group?
Importance of groups
Group structure
Productive groups
Effective groups
Development of groups over time
Summary Group Dynamics The importance of group Definition in Oxford English Dictionary (1989) Group is a number of persons or things regarded as forming a unit on account of any kind of mutual or common relation or classified together on account of a common degree of similarity group dynamics is central to... maintaining a viable family
effective businesses and industries
long-term maintenance of psychological health What is a group and the importance of groups Group structure Productive groups and Effective groups Developing groups over time Groups Group Structure Performance level Type of Group

Who will do what?

How do we behave? It's Summary Time Nino Individuals Pseudogroup Traditional group seven common definition Effective group High-performance
Group How to create productive groups
How to create effective groups Roles
[Roles] <-> [Tasks] <-> [Group goals]

Roles are usually complementary.
(Teacher and student) 1.Goals
3.Interpersonal Interaction
4.Perception of Membership
5.Sturctured Relationships (roles, norms)
6.Mutual Influence
7.Motivation John's Diligent Group Communication PROBLEM: Role Conflict Contradictory Expectations Principal's expectation of teacher, vs.
students' expectations of teacher Incompatible demands Leadership Consider Sheriff Pat Garret,

...who had to arrest and shoot his good friend Billy the Kid Power Norms roles differentiate the group members,
norms integrate their actions From this definition... Decision making Implicit or explicit, formal or informal, rules that regulate the group.

Develop out of the interaction among group members.

Become internalized, and become part of the `group culture'. Resolve conflicts small group can be defined as...
two or more individuals in face-to face interaction who are aware of interdependence and memberships and mutual golas and so forth large group can be defined as...
large numbers of members who have some common characteristic without actually meeting Aggregate is...
a collection of individuals who are present at the same time and place but who do not form a unit or have a common degree of similarity Seven-stage group development Defining and Structuring Procedures (F) Conforming to Procedures and Getting Acquainted (F) Recognizing Mutuality and Building Trust(F) ...has two important aspects: Rebelling and Differentiating (S) Committing to the Group's Goals,Procedures, and Members (N) Many of our activities and social interactions take place within groups Functioning Maturely and Productively (P) Terminating (A) so, Knowledge of group dynamics helps us to build effective group define the formal structure of a group. Edvard John Brian change your life!! Summary What is group and
importance of group
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