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Russian New Years


Andrea Martinez

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Russian New Years

Russian New Years By: Andrea Martinez
Stephanie Santos New New Years People gather December 31st until January 1st midnight.
Switch from Julian to Gregorian Calendar.

“S Novim Godom!” (With the New Year) to welcome the New Year.

Took the place of Christmas

Became an official holiday on 1918

The start of the raising the Christmas tree. Considered the second time celebrating on January 14th.

Following the old Julian Calendar.

Some places like Macedonia call it “Old New Year”

Considered as an oxymoron for its name.

Not considered as a holiday.

Some people still follow this way of celebrating New Years. Old New Years The dates of when they are celebrated.

The calendar the Russians used.

There was a different day for Christmas and New Year.
No such thing as a Christmas tree.

Ways to greet the holiday.

New is more popular than Old. Differences What are the differences between old New Years and new New Years? Traditions What are some New Year traditions in Russia? Russian’s set up a tree in the center of Kremlin
The tree is called “Novogodnya Yolka” (New Year’s pine tree)
The Tree is decorated like a Christmas tree.
Stands until the end of New Year, January 14.
Ornaments that look like candy and a bright star to decorate it.
Russians set up their own tree in front of their house.
Singing of carols and the telling of fortunes (Old New Years) Traditions Continued Дед Мороз (Grandfather Frost) replaced Santa Clause.
Frost wears blue instead of red.
Снегурочка (grand-daughter) accompanies him.
Grandfather Frost and his grand-daughter pass out gifts to children.
Russians make a wish on New Years Eve.
The wish is written on paper, burned into ashes, and drank with champagne. Russian Superstitions What Russian superstitions are connected to New Years? You will spend your year the way you see it on New Years Eve.
Make a wish at midnight! Keep it secret, it will come true.
Don't give away money, you'll go in debt.
Wear something new, new things will come to you.
Bread and salt on the table will give you prosperity.
Empty pockets and purses will leave you penniless. Sneezing on New Years is for good luck and well being.
Last glass drank will give good luck to the person who drinks it.
Cat sleeping on a woman's bed will mean she will get married.
First visitor must be a man, or else a women will give you bad luck.
Don't wash your clothes on New Years Eve or after New Years.
If you have a good time on New Years, the whole year will be good. Superstitions Continued Traditional Russian Food One-type New Years menu with a smell of nostalgia.
Consists mainly of salads.
Jelly minced meat, Kholodets. "Tastes how it looks; disgusting!"
Russian Salad, Salade Olivier. Most traditional dish.
Layered Salad, Dressed Herring. Involves fruits like apples and grapes.
Napoleon Cake. 16 layers of dough filled with custard cream. What are some traditional foods for New Years in Russia? Kholodets Veal shank, bone under knee of a calf.
Onions Carrots Bayleaf
Peppercorn Smallage Clove Gatlic
Water Salt Parsley Vinegar Olivier Potatoes Cooked Sausage Carrots Eggs Bulb Onions Pickles Mayonnaise Dressed Herring Beet
Sour cabbage
Bulb onion
Salad oil
Greens and salt Napoleon Cake Butter Vodka Flour
Sour Cream Eggs Biggest Holiday Why is it the biggest holiday of the Russian calendar? Combines Christmas and New Years.
Shapes the outcome of your year.
Once a year desserts.
Helps Russians understand their culture.
Christmas banned by communists, New Years filled their emptiness.
Beginning of new life. Celebration Celebrated in Red Square by the Kremlin.
The Russians own homes.
Russians stay up until midnight, even children.
Countdown starts 11:55PM
Giant fireworks that last only 3minutes.
Celebrate all throughout January. How/where do people celebrate New Years in Russia? Celebration With whom do Russians celebrate New Years? Family definitely comes over.
Some close friends are invited.
Children and babies are present.
No separation between kids and adults.
Other people in the Kremlin. Preparation Starting a week in advance.
Fireworks are assembled at the Kremlin.
Late dinner with abundance of food.
Wine is spread all over the house.
Someone dresses up as Grandfather Frost and Snegurocka (Snow Maiden).
Clean out backyards to allow snowman making and fireworks.
Newspaper companies go and give advice on how one should spend their year.
Check to see what new animal is coming for that year. How do Russian prepare for New Years? Fireworks!! Grandfather Frost Sources Sited New And Old Russian link
With Whom:
Grandfather frost video:
Celebration video:
http://english.ruvr.ru/radio_broadcast/35614392/96715671.html (Jelly Minced Meat) Kholodets derives in Russian from the word kholod (cold) is a traditional winter treat, loved by many. Russian Salad Satisfying, rich, abounding in taste and texture, this is a time-tested favorite. One of the favorite and ever-present viands on a Russian festive table. Made for special family festivities. Highly anticipated because only eaten once a year. Дед Мороз & Снегурочка Celebration Continued
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