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CSLO 2010

No description

Julianna Sciolino

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of CSLO 2010

CSLO &Technology Integration 10-11 CSLO Regional Activities 2 teachers from each Building need to participate in
any of the following activities: 3 day Regional Workshops
Technology Integrators Forum (TIF) - Attend 5 out of 7 meetings for reqs
Moodle Users' Group - attend 3 out of 4 meetings for reqs
Instructional Technology Partners - 4 days used from on-site tech integration workshop days Regional Workshop Highlights Creative Learning Environments
Mile I - Enhancing & Mile II - Creating
ELA Power PIs & Google Tools
The Connected Classroom
21st Century Authors

Technology Integration Workshops HOTS responses
Literacy and Multimedia
Professional Learning Networks
Reading & Writing with Graphic Novels
Google Apps - Reader/Books, Sketchup, Lit Trips, Earth

Reimbursements Substitutes - Jan & May
Stipends - Sept & March 4 days of on-site staff development6 days if Integrated Learning System

Maximum 15 participants
0-3 hours is 1/2 day
3+ hours = full day
TIW @ Erie 1 Campus West Seneca Hosted at our Campus
1-5 teachers registered = 1 TIW day
Full day workshops Instructional Technology Partners uses four TIW days
Four day, mini-coaching experience for 2 teachers
Need sub on day one & four
Day 1 - meet with teacher A in the morning/teacher B in afternoon to assess skills, look at curriculum & technologies, start to plan out lesson
Day 2 - either finish lesson and training or begin co-teaching at scheduled times
Day 3 - co-teach
Day 4 - finish lesson and reflect, perhaps start the next lesson or ideas
Planning for ITPs is very detailed - teacher names and contact information must be given and staff developer will contact to make appointments to coordinate the dates. Shared District Technology
Integration Coordinator .2 FTE = 34 days
.4 FTE = 68 days
.6 FTE = 102 days
***all time with FTE in
district is reimburseable Erate Tech Plans
Registration for the year - open until November 25!!!! How to Register www.e1b.org
Register for Event
Type Event code into Event box
Admin Meetings All Information can be found at: 2 staff developers/day Dates to remember NYSCATE
Digital Wave Hardware & Software List Additions of Note:
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