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Alison's Anthropology Experience

No description

Alison McNeaney

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Alison's Anthropology Experience

Alison's Anthopological Experience Human Complexity
Cross cultural Blog
First hand experience being immersed in a different country.
Seeing how other cultures view the U.S.
First attempt at Anthropology
Immigration Panel from I&C 101
Hearing people speak about their cultures.
Understanding now the history of the cultures these people have come from. The 5 Field Biological Anthropology Human Origins
Human Anatomy Applied Anthropology "It's not activisim its Applied!"
Understanding that you need to know why theres a problem before there can be an attempt to solve it.

Pregancy among teenagers in New Hampshire area. Cultural Anthropology Archaeology Field School
Pemaquid Pennisula, ME
Worked with Neill dePaoli
Historical site Linguistic Anthropology Ich Deutch lerne!
The Ethical Dilemmas Theory and ethics dilemmas
Archaeological ethics Quantitative Research Methods Surveys of the campus on homosexuality.
Interview with Anne Toomey of Y.O.U.
Anthropologist Paradigms Cushing and Kroaber Bacherlors of Arts in Anthropology What do I do now? Study abroad
Computer simulated ethnography.
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