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Jules Chevalier

5 facts

Olivia Paterson

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Jules Chevalier

Created By Olivia Paterson Fr. Jules Chevalier Jules Chevalier was a man who started the organisation of the Churches of the sacred heart and the M.S.C.
Here are five facts about Fr. Jules Chevalier. Fact 1:
Jules Chevalier was born in 1824, in a little town named Richelieu. Richelieu is 200km in the South West of Paris. Fact 2:
When Jules Chevalier was only twelve years old he decided that he wanted to dedicate himself to God and become a priest. Which must mean he had a great connection with God. Fact 3:
When Jules was 17, his father got a job as a caretaker of the forest. The person that hired him was a rich man that was a landowner near Vatan. When this man found out that Jules wanted to be a priest, this man decided to pay Jules' fees to go to the seminary. It was there that Jules first had his idea of forming a group of people that would continue to spread the word of Jesus Fact 4:
When he was a priest, Fr. Jules served in three different parishes as curate. Fact 5:
Jules Chevalier died on the 21st of October in 1907. He died in Issodun which is about 200km to the South of Paris. Here are just some more pictures
of Fr. Jules Chevalier:
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