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No description

Melissa Budhu

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi Genres
By: Ti-Ajia Leach,Tiana DeBerry, Melissa Budhu

Typical Plots
An asteroid is gonna hit the Earth
Humans are going extinct
An experiment goes wrong
In the world in the future everyone is in danger.
Typical Characters
Regular citizens
After Earth
Typical Costumes
Typical Settings/Location
Science Fiction settings/locations are based on elements that differ from the real world.
Sci-Fi Objects or Crops.
Objects and Props are a very important necessity in Sci-Fi movies.
They practically make the movie what it is.
Some Objects & Props include....
1. Lightsabers 2. Space Ship
These two are a popular objects in sci-fi movies because they are "Futuristic like".
Lightsabers and Spaceships are used in movies such
Star Wars, Star Trek, District 9, Independence Day
& A Space Odyssey.
In science fiction movies the costumes are based on what the designer thinks people will wear in the future
Most costumes for science fiction movie are skintight. The costumes are made out of spray-on fabric and as the fabric dries, they bond, forming a single picece of flexible, shaped fabric
For Example: Neytiri in Avatar and E.T. in E.T Movie
Sci-Fi Typical Look & Style
The typical look & style are basically the same in every Sci-Fi movie.
1. The Skin Tight Suit.
This is the clothing
thats been predicted to be
worn in the Future.
2. The Creature Effect
There are also different types of costumes.
Examples:Dark Vader in Star Wars, Optimus Prime in Transformer,
Alien Boy in Toy's Story., and etc.
This is a typical look
for Sci-Fi movies
because Aliens such Creatures are believed to be true but isn't proven.
Dark Knight
Iron Man 3
This clip shows the facial
structure and cuts of the Joker.
- This Scene from "After Earth" includes Sci-Fi traits such as Abnormal Creatures and the Style & Look is "In the Future" suits.
This clip shows all the suits
that Iron Man Made
using scientific structure.
At the extreme the setting/locations can bear little or no resemblance to reality, with invented fundamental principles of space and time.
Avatar takes place in a unusual forrest. And also the costumes and looks in the movies are based on Sci-Fi. They are creatures to be these blue creatures.
For Example: city in the future, wormholes, the moon, alien spaceship, and etc
Definition of Science Fiction
Fiction based on imagined future
scientific or technological advances
or major social or environmental
changes, frequently portraying space
or time travel and life on other
Sci-Fi Horror
Sci-Fi Action
Sci-Fi Drama
Sci-Fi Romance
Sci-Fi Mystery
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