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Objective : Understand the role of tour operators

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Meena Nagarajan

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Objective : Understand the role of tour operators

Travel and Tourism Products and Services
Objective : Understand the role of tour operators
Outcome : role of tour operators and types of tour operators
International Tour Operators
A tour operator typically combines tour and travel components to create a package holiday
Tour operators are responsible to arrange the transport, accommodation and leisure activities.
International tour operators work with suppliers and principals from the industry(airline,hotels, tourist attractions etc) inorder to obtain their products in large quantities.

They operate within the main stream of the travel and tourism industry.
This means that they tend to offer the traditional “sun, sea and sand” package and cater to a large numbers of tourist in popular destinations.
Best Example for Mass Market operators are TUI Travel PLC , the world’s leading leisure travel company operating over 180 countries with more than 30 million customers

Inbound Tour Operator
Inbound tourism is the name given to the type of tourism which brings visitors into specific tourism receiving areas.
Inbound tour operator is the type of organisation which produces packages aimed specifically at bringing overseas visitors into a destination.
Maurisun, an inbound tour operator for Mauritius is an example .

Outbound Tour Operator
It describes the tourists who travel abroad

An outbound tour operator is one based in the tourist’s home country offering holiday packages to destination overseas.
Club Med is the best example of Outbound Tour operator, with branches across the world.


Mass Market Tour Operators
Domestic tour operators
A domestic tour operator specialises in putting together packages for the home market.

This means that they appeal to people living in that country

Examples of Domestic tourism

Kerala Travels Interserve in India
Casy tours in Australia
London Travel Service in UK


Specialist Tour Operators specialise by destination, by activity, by theme, by transport, or by age group.
By destination – Austravel, which specializes in holidays to Australia
By activity—Ski Solutions, which specializes in skiing holidays
By transport—Coachtrips.com which specializes in holidays by coach
By age—Evergreen Excursions which specializes in tours for seniors in South Africa

Specialist Tour Operators
Choose a tour operator and analyse their operations and classify which type they belong to. Present your findings in THE REGISTER as homelearning .

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