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Of Mice and Men sociogram

English 9 Sociogram for "Of Mice and Men"

Breanna Tate

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men sociogram

Of Mice and Men Sociogram Breanna Tate
April 2011
English 9 George Lennie Curley Curleys wife Candy Slim Lennie influences Curley by just being present with his stature. Lennie influences Goerge by being his companion and needing help and advice from him. They are one. Lennie influences Candy by being his new friend that sometimes also follows George. George influences Lennie by being his companion, brain and always is looking out for him. George influences Candy because of their plan. Candy is starting to look up to George just like Lennie. George influences Slim by also sharing the 'god like' role. They undertsand each other. Candy influences Lennie by being this new guy that may come into 'the plan' They seem to understand each other well. Curley influences Lennie by having a higher status then him and beating him up, but Lennei crushes Curley's hand. Curley's wife influences Curley by having him 'under her spell' Slim influences Curley by being looked up to more then him. Slim influences George by being also very influencing on people. Slim listens to George. Slim influences everybody by being 'god like' to all. All influences can be turned into influenced by. (\__(\
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