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Presales POC - WebI and Dashboards

No description

Matei Toader

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Presales POC - WebI and Dashboards

Presales Certification

"UHL Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy IM&T are looking to build a case for investment in tools to add capability and open up access to our existing software"
Most of the reporting packs are hard coded
Maintaining them is time consuming
"...manually created in Microsoft Excel then converted to PDF using a mix of manual data input and downloads from B.O XI R3"
the creation of the reporting pack into Business Objects reports and dashboards.
Provide self service solution that would improve our make our internal processes more
by multiple mechanisms such as: Printable PDF, online dashboard and reports.

Thank You!
Matt Toader
one of the
biggest and busiest
NHS trusts in the country, incorporating the Leicester General, Glenfield and Royal Infirmary hospitals
more than
10,000 staff
providing a range of services primarily for the
one million residents
of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland
poor access to information that could influence behavior to prevent SLA failure
Due to continual failure to meet SLA’s there is a
significant risk of penalties
, such that this is a major priority
issues with work scheduling, communication and process management
Harris Kevin - Medical Director
Bentley Lorraine - Head of Financial Management and Planning
4 Business Analysts
1 IBM consultant
It also applies to organisations...
Mobile BI
University Hospitals of Leicester
INDUSTRY LEADING and historically proven BI user friendly applications that help you manage your Enterprise Reporting requirements
SAP BI Solution
the PLATFORM provides scalability, security which can be configured so that different users have relevant levels of access to data
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
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