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being 17

No description

Cambria Kai

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of being 17

Social Media
Social Issues
There are many trends seventeen year-olds follow. Girls typically wear Birkenstocks, Rainbows, Converse, workout clothes, North Face, Nike, Adidas, Forever 21, and Pink. Also tattoos, piercings, and dying hair are very popular among seventeen year-olds; 54% have at least one or more of these. Some popular celebrities among them are the Kardasians and Jenners, Beyonce, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. Watching Netflix is very popular and so is playing Pokemon Go.
Compared to previous generations, the millennial generation is more tolerant towards other races and minorities (47%-19%). This makes seventeen year-olds more accepting and understanding towards others. They support and are passionate about the feminist movement, gay rights, and the black lives matter movement. Seventeen year olds also talk about the election. Some are more ignorant than others about the topic but people at least talk about it. They are mainly active online and some of them even participate in demonstrations such as gay pride.
What is it like to be 17 ?
By: Cambria Sanders and Kai Smith
Cell Phones
The majority of people at seventeen are addicted to their phones. 86% of millennials have a phone. None of them can go anywhere without having a phone in their pocket, purse, backpack, and etc. Seventeen year-olds use their phone for everything: texting, calling, pictures, shopping, weather, and even more. Up to 91% of millennials' purchases are made on a mobile device. Having a conversation with a seventeen year-old is sometimes difficult because they are always looking at their phone. Seventeen year-olds are so obsessed with their phones that they cannot put it down even when they are sleeping; 80% sleep with their phone next to their bed. Because they were a part of the first generation to grow up using cell phones, it is hard to imagine life without them; resulting in their obsession with them.
Social Media is very important to seventeen year-olds; 75% have some type of a profile on a social networking site. The most important ones are Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Youtube. They spend about an average of eight hours a day online. The majority of them find out news from these different platforms. Statistically, 59% of them get their news from the Internet. They learn slang words and hear about trending topics from the Internet. Seventeen year-olds are generally very open about their personal lives online, posting about almost everything. Seventeen year-olds typically care a lot about how many followers they have and how many people like or retweet their post. Social Media also makes it easier to stay in touch with friends and families, especially when they are about to head to college.
A major topic when you are seventeen is education. Today there is high pressure for seventeen year-olds to attend a great college. A majority of jobs now require a college degree not just a high school degree. In addition to the pressure, the cost to attend college is extremely high. Some private schools are up to 60,000 dollars. The average millennial is 25,000 dollars in debt after college. College is also getting harder to get into. Seventeen year olds are expected to be well rounded; getting good grades, playing a sport or some type of activity, and even more. Education is an important necessity but sometimes can get very stressful for seventeen year-olds.
Websites Used:

Joel Stein:
Milliennials The Me Me Me Generation
Joel Stein wrote his article to explain our generation. We do agree that millennials are more accepting towards differences, less politically informed than previous generations, and care a lot about celebrities. However there are more to seventeen year-olds than what he mentions. Today we are here to present what it is like to be a seventeen year-old from actual seventeen year-olds perspectives.
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