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Social Influences in The Life of Pi

No description

Marie Martin

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Social Influences in The Life of Pi

Social Influences In The Life Of Pi
Actions and influences of
minor characters
“…the broader group provides a particular climate that may either favor or disfavor particular characteristics of individuals, thus making a particular child more or less popular.” (Bukowski)
Childhood knowledge of animal behaviour at the zoo
Distinct religious beliefs that Pi
gained through self-discovery
How does somebody become who they are?
“Pi has been caused much grief
by his birth name because of its homonymic resemblance to “pissing.” And so he undertakes to rename himself Pi…” (Stratton)
“The '70s in India are a time of social upheaval, and Pi's father's unstated trouble with the new Gandhi government persuades him to leave the country with his family.” (Rieder)
Influences of minor characters
“The lesson of ferociousness of the tiger that Pi’s father taught him early in his life perhaps left him scarred, as his mother feared, for the rest of his life.” (Singh)
“He notices with a pinching of the heart that his noisy, frantic, unchewing wolfing-down of raw meat was exactly the way Richard Parker ate.” (Singh)
“As the son of a zoo owner in the South Indian city of Pondicherry, he grew up on familiar terms with howler monkeys, one-wattled cassowaries and American bison. As a result, he's attuned to the intricacies of interspecies cohabitation.” (Krist)
“Sixteen-year-old Pi's secular parents are mystified when they discover three wise men--an imam, a pandit and a priest--all fighting for their son's soul and eventual salvation. Pi defies religious conventions and is as comfortable on a prayer rug as he is receiving communion or performing pujas at a Hindu temple.” (Martel)
Primary Sources:
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Secondary Sources:
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Being Raised in a Zoo
“ Individuals come to adopt a particular worldview through early childhood religious socialization” (Cornwall)
“…discovering God’s plan in the midst of tragedy and loss.” (Bolton)
Self-discovering Religion

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By: Marie Martin
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