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Future – the undiscovered country

Learning through experience during European Voluntary Service

Michael Kimmig

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Future – the undiscovered country

Future – the undiscovered country
Learning through experience during European Voluntary Service
Michael Kimmig
Learning zones
Self-directed learning
Experience of young people during EVS ...
... effect youth
... effect the local community
... effect employers
Communication in mother tongue
Communication if foreign languages
Mathematical competence and basic competence in technics and sience
Digital competence
Lerning competence
Social comptence and civic competence
Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
Cultural awareness and expression
Key competences
… because they leave their
comfort zone
of their environment they have been used to. This encourages young people to make valuabll experience and learn effectively.
… because they make experience which - reflected - have a great impact on their future path.
Self-directed learning
Peer-to-peer support
Training cycle
Quality standards for projects
Youthpass certificate
EVS - searching the unkown...
Support system
Our dilemma
Unknown and new situations

How to prepare
best for them?
How to prepare for a future, that we cannot hold on yet?
formal learning
non-formal learning
Future as a challenge
This is a normal and natural process of acculturation. A process, that we understand in a wider sense as a process of adaptation to a new environment and new circmstances.
Intercultural learning
… because they volunteerly go into this learning process: This process is initiated and self-directed.
learn effectively....
Young people
... effect organisations
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
The new promise...
Life-long learning
Mobility experience
Key competences

If the future is unknown...
... which competences are needed to deal with new and unknown situations?
Anyone traveling on the search for the unknown without really expecting it, will never be disappointed. I do not mean the big events, quite the opposite, a look, a phrase, an image, an idea, that shifts something in your inner wheels, that later, perhaps much later, when something happens or becomes clear, that shapes your life forever.
Cees Nooteboom, Der rote Regen, S.189f.
What is special about this process?
Which are the challenges for the young people?
Learning through
Development of
key competences
A shift in education
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