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Creative 1 Class Project

Arielle Calderon

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Vanity

THE GOAL Drive traffic into store
Utilize online mediums
Build a memorable campaign
that resonates with the brand + Alexandra
+ Sally Page
+ Arielle
+ Paige
+ Andre Campaign Recommendation
Build a relationship with the target that
enforces the idea that Vanity is a versatile
and affordable clothing line. How? "More time for you." Outdoor Billboards
Sidewalk Chalk Social Media Transient
Website Rebuild
Aesthetically pleasing
Interactive Buy friends virtual gift cards through Facebook News, updates, promos, and contests "Before Summer Ends"
Smartphone App Foursquare Geo-based
Interact in real space
that is facilitated online Valued Vanity Member Gain points per purchase
Goes towards discounts 500 Points! Back to school Mirror Promo "Summer is coming to a close, but it’s your time to relax. We'll find the clothes, you enjoy your summer. More time for you." College Student
Leader in community
Life does not revolve around fashion Classy and responsible
Different occasions
Tech savvy Family and career oriented
Wants clothes that are affordable,
relevant, and versatile Customers can depend on Vanity
We make finding clothes easy One less thing to worry about
Spend less time finding what to wear,
spend more time on herself
Day in the life of a typical Vanity girl
Clothes do the work for her
TV spot music: Sweet Escape
Social and fun Radio Difficult to advertise on
Radio Ad
Kickoff! Malls
College campuses VANITY Affordable
More time for your customers More time for YOU ELEMENT 112
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