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Libya presentation

problems in Libya by, alyssa, chelsea, brianna

alyssa freeman

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Libya presentation

Libya problems The West appears to be edging towards a military confrontation with Libya as the U.S. has positioned warships in the region and U.K. leaders talk about a creating a no-fly zone over the North African nation. The move came as Saudi Arabia sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain Tuesday to help the Libyan government keep pro-democracy rallies from getting out of control. Meanwhile, Iran is trying to quell its own anti-government upheaval. Riot police in Tehran used tear gas and batons Tuesday against pro-democracy demonstrators angry over the arrest of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi. pictures Gadhafi has been Libya’s leader
for more than 40 years, since taking
over in 1969 in a military action called
a coup that removed Libyan king
Muhammad Idris from power. Now, after protests have turned
into armed battles in Libya, the future
of the nation is uncertain. No one
knows who will control Libya in the
years to come, and no one knows how
that will affect Libya’s relations with
the United States, northern Africa and
the Middle East. Libya is also near Israel, an ally that
the United States wants to keep safe as
protests in the region spread (Israel has
often been targeted for violence in
wars or other attacks in the past). The Lede is following the war in Libya, unrest in Syria and protest movements across the Arab world. March 29 alyssa
I hope that things will settle down in Libya, because I hate war and have a feeling that's what this will lead to. chelsea
i hope everything gets better. I think it will lead to war soon. Brianna
I hope that Libya will calm down with the protest because the citizen in libya will no longer will get injured and they can go back to normal. Also I don't want our solider to go over there and risk their life for Libya.
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