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The Election of 1972

No description

Mr. Parke

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of The Election of 1972

The Election of 1976
The Election of 1976
Issues of Jimmy Carter (1976):
Who Won the Election?
Rose Fedan
Thank's For Watching!
The election of 1976 was between two candidates: Gerald Ford (Republican) and Jimmy Carter (Democratic).

Jimmy Carter:
Budget and Economy:
-Balance budget by shifting taxes and employing people. (Sep 1976)
Civil Rights:
-Supports the Equal Rights Amendment. (Jan 1976)
-No place for religion in the science classroom. (Sep 2006)
-Established "Superfund" to clean up toxic waste sites. (Dec 1980)
Issues of Gerald Ford (1976):

Gerald Ford:
Budget and Economy:
-Fight economic crises by projecting a steady hand. (Aug 1974)
Civil Rights:
-More mandatory sentencing; more focus on victims. (Apr 1975)
-Favors constitutional amendment for voluntary school prayer. (Oct 1976)
-Relaxed regulations of strip mining. (Jan 2001)
(Issues quoted from Ontheissues.org)
Jimmy Carter (Democratic) won the 1976 election. His score was 50%, while Gerald Ford's was 48%. The election was actually very close.

In the end, Jimmy Carter won the 1976 presidential election. Though it was close, Gerald Ford did not end up as president.
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