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The Girl in the Green Sweater

No description

Dominic Tiberia

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Girl in the Green Sweater

Leopold Socha was a sewage worker in the city of Lvov. during the holocaust, Socha used his knowledge of the sewers to help shelter families during the war. In 1978 he was recognized by Israel as Righteous Among Nations
Krysha- main character/narrator, young, but responsible
Pawel- younger brother, very brave, became very close to Krysha while in the sewers.
Melek- imaginary friend that Krysha created and he grew on Pawel
Ignacy- father, handy, caring, very composed
Paulina- mother, comforting
Leopold Socha- sewer worker who helped the Chiger family and other survivors
Magdalena Socha- Leopold's wife, helped survivors by cleaning their clothes
Quotes continued
"I remember the simple green sweater my grandmother knitted for me when we still lived in our grand apartment at Kopernika 12...This sweater was my favorite. It had a delicate lace neckline. After she was taken in one of the actions, it was even more precious. I wore it constantly. When I put it on, it felt as if I were wearing one of her warm hugs. That I managed to keep the sweater all during the war was just another of the small miracles that found me and my family." (pg. 4 and 5)
This was Krysha's dollhouse that she had when the Russians were in control. This dollhouse symbolizes hope because Krysha would pretend this was her old house and it was her escape of what was actually happening around her.
"And then she did the strangest thing. She started pinching our cheeks. Over and over, she pinched our cheeks. We complained because the pinching started to hurt, but she still kept pinching. She said, "Cicho, cicho, cicho," to keep us calm, to let us know everything was going to be all right." (pg. 47)

"Very quickly, our group became like a family. Socha was our true leader---a benevolent ruler...it was a wonderful thing, the way our spirits lifted each morning when he arrived with our delivery. (pg. 184)
Dominic Tiberia and Jake Darlington
The Girl in the Green Sweater by Krystyna Chiger
The sweater symbolizes love because it was made by her grandmother just before the war and it gives her memories from before the war.
Leopold Socha
Leopold Socha
Ignacy Chiger
Krysha Chiger
Pawel Chiger
Paulina Chiger
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