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Reasons For The Fall Of Egypt

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antonis skoufis

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Reasons For The Fall Of Egypt

The Reasons For The
Fall of Egypt The history of Ancient Egypt was divided in two time periods the old and new kingdom. Reasons for a civilization to rise and fall are military, economic and technological advantages and disadvantages. This paper focuses on the new kingdom but it will also briefly highlight the reasons for the fall of the old one. For the old kingdom, what led to its rise also led to its fall. It was the Nile. The Nile at a time period around 2200BC drowned and many sandstorms followed which ment that the land would not be farmable. This led to an economic crisis which led to the decline of the old kingdom. The new kingdom of Ancient Egypt had many wars. Many of them were actually civil wars. For most of those civil wars other civilizations like the Assyrians and the Nubian took advantage and used them for their own good which was taking control of Egypt. The series of conquering continued with the Persians who defeated all resistance and took control. The Persians had control until the forces of Alexander the Great fought a battle which lasted 6 months and won. The people were happy with Alexander the Great of Macedon, and build a city for him and named it Alexandria. When he died one of his generals took control and started a new dynasty but it was also the last called the Ptolemaic. Its last ruler was Cleopatra. She married Mark Antony and with him, fought a war against Octavian wich was another co-ruler of Egypt. They lost the war and three years later they both committed suicide. After this war, Egypt fell in the hands of Rome. Ancient Egypt had several economic problems. They were mostly caused by corruption and civil wars. It also had some technological problems. An example of one was that they had access to copper but some other civilizations had access to a much better type of metal called iron. Some economical problems came also from floods which destroyed crops and houses. Other
economic problems came from civil wars because they caused economic crises and tomb robbing because of the loss of the rule of law. After all this research the following conclusion has been drawn. The conclusion based on the facts is that the reasons for the fall of Egypt were corruption and civil wars that led to economical, military and technological disadvantages compared to other civilizations. Those civilizations finally ended Ancient Egypt.
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