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maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Kaitlynn

Types of Tumor Treatment
Tumors in Pets
Most common in pets 10 and older
Is responsible for over 1/2 of deaths in pets 10 and older
commonly occurs on skin, breast, head, and neck, lymphoma is a common type in pets, feline leukemia,abdominal, and bone are most common in pets
These are 10 signs of Neoplasia
Neoplasia is common in pets
swellings, sores not healing, weight loss, loss of appetite, bleeding, offensive odor, hard to eat and swallow, not exercising, lameness, hard to breathe, and hard to go to bathroom
My bibliography
Your likelihood to get cancer
more likely:you have aids are taking a immuno suppressant, or have down syndrome,
natural chemicals such as smoking,viruses,UV (ultraviolet) light, radiation
What Causes Tumors To Form
surgery,radiation therapy,chemotherapy,immuno therapy,targeted therapy,hormone therapy,stem cell transplantation, and lastly precision medicine
Sometimes is passed down through genes
Pics and diagrams
Thanks for watching!
By: Kaitlynn Golden
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