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Copy of Obsession

No description

salma dhifallah

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Obsession

social harm and self distructive behavors

beauty : women's obsession
The new studies came out with new formula to define beauty , a study at UCSD and the university of toranto found that female faces where judged more attractive when the distance between the eyes and the mouth was roughly 36%of the overal length of the face and when the distance between the 2 eyes was around 46% of the face width.
culture and society
in addition , dark skin , for example , is considered very attractive in western societies while white skin is considered as attractive in eastern society ...
It was Victor himself and his obsession that lead to his own self destruction!
A selfish pursuit to prove he has the ultimate power to play the hands of god.
in conclusion remember beauty is goodness ...
The prophet pbuh said : "Verily, Allah does not look to your bodies nor to your faces but He looks to your hearts and your deeds"
vicious cycle: desprate to be perfect
make up and weight-loss pills
plastic surgeries
the number of cusmetic procedures increased by 44% from 2003 to 2004
81% of 10 years olds are afraid of becoming over weight. and women are spening thousands of pounds on make up a month
low self esteem and depression
how can we define beauty ?
media effects our perspective of beauty
genetic disorders
some genetic disorders such as Neurofibromatosis can cause Congenital malformations witch affect the way people look to the effected person and some times can be afraid of him and accuse him to be ugly...
beauty is a product of culture and society , for exp : long ogo cultures where food was scarce heavy women were regarded as more beautiful and attractive then slim ones , according to the culture at that time being heavy meant that the woman was wealthy enough to buy scale food. later on when food became widely available and poeple started associating obesity with unhealthiness slim women became more attractive .
The hallo effect :
nn physical traits as well as physica traits can define beauty and affect the perception of attractiveness such as self confidence , sens of humor and positive attiudes
experience :
as an experiment to prove the hallo effect 2 similer videos of the same person saying the same words were presented to 2 groups of poeple , but the opinions were different : one groupe mentioned the specific things they didn't like about that person while the other groupe complitely ignored them , those 2 different points of view were due to the hallo effect , the 2 videos were identical in every way except the tone and body language , the actor showed more self confidence in one video then the other and that affected the way people look to him
the more positive and out going you are the
more attractive you seem ;)
familiar people find you more attractive

people get more attracted to faces they are familiar with , one study has shown that the brain gets used to processing the images it sees often ..
maths in beauty :
but what is beauty for women and how do they look to themselves ?
the media around us is filled with the ideal beauty , it teaches women from a very early age that she must seek despretly this standard of perfection and when she fails she feels guilty and ashamed.
socio-cultural factors
if one is raised in a family characterized by rejection and critical opinions about appearance one will be more likely to develop a disorder of low self esteem .
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