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Sandra Rhei

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Documentaries

Unlocking Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes series. Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 19th Century.

This series is written and produced by Stephen Moffit and Mark Gatiss.
Stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Moffit and Gatiss bring Sherlock to the modern era.
This is about the hidden "sneaker culture" all over the world.

"As a culture, as an art, and some[one] who appreciates buying a sneaker, it's more than just buying an article of clothing" -Wale, hip hop artist

The film follow several men who have built business around their obsession for sneakers.

Even the design of the name tags given to the presenters are shown like the shoe label on the sneaker box. The shoe size of the speaker and their name.
Second Chance Dogs
Written, directed, and edited by Ken Bell.

Introduced to Kristen Collins. Director of Cruelty Behavior Rehabilitation.

ASPCA's first ever facility dedicated to rehab of canine victims of animal cruelty, puppy mills, and hoarding.

[This place is] potential for impact and unique.

They take in the most fearful dogs.
The ASPCA's plan to treat animals that have:
-Fear of walking on a leash
-Fear of people or handling
-Fear of novelties (anything new)

Months of individual training and "playing" are strictly monitored and measured. Playgroups are that utilize a "helper dog" to bring out the they shyer dog's personalities.

By the end of the documentary, the 6 dogs that are followed throughout the documentary are successfully rehabilitated and homed.
The sneaker culture began really booming around the 80's when Michael Jordan's first basketball shoe debuted in 1984.

Run DMC's song "My ADIDAS" came out and were signed to a million dollar contract with ADIDAS.

There came a way for artists and sports figures to "collab" and create their own style or shoe art.

Sneakers were described as: "signature kicks", and "Fresh as those guys doing things".
In the US, the reseller business is bigger than the retail selling of sneakers. "Vintage" sneakers sell anywhere upwards of $2500 to 100, 000!
-resellers = eBay, specialty stores, conventions, NY/LA/Tokyo to name a few.

Japanese sneaker culture is about "vintage".
"Sneakers are art" - Hommyou Hidefumi, specialty store owner in Tokyo who owns 3 shops.

Now couture designers are creating their own lines of sneakers.
Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, to name a few.

For some, sneaker culture is more than just something you put on your feet it's a business, a lifestyle, an art.
Until then, white comics ruled. Apartheid having been ended in 1994, not that long ago. But still haunting SA. Trevor, born to a white Swedish father and Xhosa mother was born colored as they call it in SA. To this day there is still racism and micro-aggression from the whites.

White comedians are interviewed briefly and give their thoughts about Trevor. All of them struggle to find something good to say but find him arrogant due to his almost instant fame. Giving their opinions that Apartheid having been long over and that the blacks should "Get over it!".

Practicing for his one man show "Daywalker". The documentary counts down to the day when the show debuts at the Lyric Theater, which seats 1100.

"As a comedian you have a platform to tell the truth", says Trevor.

Trever ends up selling out both dates of his performances and also an encore show.

You Laugh but It's True
Documentary about Trevor Noah getting ready for his first comedy show in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011.

The trouble with SA is that there aren't any real comedy clubs. The venues are corporate parties where one is the entertainer, or small bars where one can just show up and talk.

Trevor Noah a newer comedian comes along and shakes up the long tradition of white comics and the documentary counts down to his show, "Daywalker".
The setting, Modern London.
Address: 221B Baker Street.

Heroes: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.

Villians: James Moriarty and Irene Adler.

In the original books, Watson was the narrator, but in the modern series, he's a blogger. Given a background character. Whereas, in the more modern series he's given a costarring role.

Holmes is of course the star. He's handsome and debonair. He's also preternaturally intelligent. This characteristic is based off of a real person. Joseph Bell, professor of medicine.
Many puppy mills are large scale commercial dog breeding facilities where profit is put ahead of the well being of the dogs. The mommy and daddy dogs are kept in filthy, small cages. Often, not taken care of in the simplest ways. Carrying treatable diseases like mange and parvo.

Missouri being the leading and hugest state that facilitates puppy mills.
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