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The Story of my life

No description

Grace Thompson

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Story of my life

The Story of my life!
By Grace Thompson 6B
My full name is Grace Maree Thompson and I was born on the 27th of November 2001 at 3:54am at Lithgow Private Hospital. My parents chose Grace as my first name because it was a very pretty name and one they both liked and agreed on. They chose Maree as my middle name because it sounded nice after Grace and is my mum's middle name. The name Grace means graceful, adventurous, kind and giving thanks.
7 months 8 months 9 months 10 months 11 months 12 months
The baby years- Timeline
1 month 2 months 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months
I had my first taste of solid foods
First broken bone- Broke my arm by rolling off mum and dads bed.
I could stand alone- 8th November.

I began to walk, holding on to furniture.
I started sleeping through the night.
I began crawling- 23rd August 2002
I got baptised at St Patricks Church 5th May 2002.
My first tooth came through on the 2nd July 2002.
I had my first Christmas
I chose my Kindergarten excursion to the Sleep & Cattle Drome in 2007 as my school adventure. I remember driving down to Bathurst on the bus and getting of when we arrived and thinking it smelled horrible. We drove around a bit on a large tractor and it started to rain and everyone on the tractor was really wet. We got to feed some animals and some people got to feed a lamb with a bottle. Then we watched some cows being milked, some animals walking around and some animals eating and then we had recess. I really enjoyed the excursion and went home with my mum.
School Adventures
My sister and I share our time between my mums house and my dads house.
This photo was taken a few years ago. My family at my mum's house. My Mum, my sister Jaime and I.
This is a picture of my family at my dad's house my stepsister also named Grace, my sister Jaime, my stepbrother Josh, my dad and my stepmum Alana.

Cairns Holiday
A week before the term 2 holidays of this year, My stepsister, stepbrother, stepmum, dad, sister and I went on a holiday to Cairns in Queensland. We woke up at 2am and put our bags in the car. We left at about 2:30am to drive to Sydney. We arrived at the airport at about 6am. We collected our tickets from Jetstar and put our luggage on the conveyor belt except for our carry on luggage. The plane left at about 6:30am so we had breakfast in the airport food court. When we were ready to board, the flight attendant scanned our tickets and we boarded the plane. I sat next to my dad and my sister and my stepmum, stepsister and stepbrother were siting on the other side of the aisle. The flights duration was about 3 hours and listened to music and slept most of the way there. When we arrived at Cairns we took a bus to our resort at Trinity beach. The resort was really nice and we had a really nice apartment. We also had a big veranda and we could see the beach just over the road and we could also see the the pool. My sister and I shared a room at the resort, and we stayed for 10 days. One day we went on a boat to an island called Green island. We stayed there for a few hours and went in a semi-submersibal submarine and went snorkelling in the Great Barrier reef. We did lots more on that holiday aswell. It was one of my favourite holidays I've had.
Happy Memories
Scary Memories
Hopes & Dreams
I hope to work at a place that involves interacting or caring for lots of different types of animals and if that doesn't work out I hope to become a photographer.
My Life
Going to my nan and pappy's house when I was little.
Playing with my sister
Going on holidays
Starting school
Making friends
Going to the movies
Staying at my cousins house
Eating all of the chocolates off the Christmas tree when I was a baby
Colouring in when I was little.
When my pappy used to read
to me
Going to the beach
Spending time with my nan.
Painting with my nanny.
Breaking my arm 6 different times.
Going on my first roller coaster
Going to hospital
Going on the plane for the first time
My first day of pre-school.
In Kindergarten when my mum came to pick me up late from school and I was scared that nobody was going to pick me up.
When I saw a snake in the bush behind my house
I am very lucky to have a family that cares, loves and supports me in everything I do. I am also very lucky to have friends that care for me, encourage me and make me laugh. I wouldn't be where I am now without them.

Thanks for watching!
( I'm under the blankets)
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