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Literature Circles

No description

Beth Barkley

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Literature Circles

Form open-ended discussion questions
Keep the group on task What's your role? LITERATURE CIRCLES Discussion Director Summarizer Connector Define new vocabulary words Highlighter In the opening vignette, "The House on Mango Street," The narrator shares with the reader that she has moved around a lot. Now, she lives on Mango Street with her mom, dad, brothers, Carlos and Kiki, and sister, Nenny. The house on Mango Street is the first house they have actually owned. However, it is not their dream house. The narrator's parents try to assure her that the small house is only temporary. 1. The narrator:
2. Mama:
3. Papa: Papa is a caretaker because he looked for a house where they would not have to carry water over from the washroom next door (pg. 4). He is also ambitious and hopeful because he wants a "real" house for his family (pg. 4).
4. Carlos and Kiki: The narrator's brothers (pg.3)
5. Nenny: The narrator's sister (pg. 3) The story takes place on Mango Street. The house on Mango Street is small with crumbling red bricks (pg. 4). On the back of the book, it says Mango Street is in the Hispanic quarter of Chicago. Washroom (pg. 4): n. A bathroom, especially one in a public place. Do NOT write CLOSED-ended questions (yes/no).
Ex. Do you think the narrator will move into her dream house? Answer: Yes.

Write OPEN-ended questions that challenge your group to think.
Ex. How long do you think the narrator will live in the House on Mango Street? Where do you think she will move next and why?

What is a "real house" and why do you think the narrator wants a real house? A literature circle is a small discussion group where everyone is reading the same text, similar to a book club. Everyone will have a specific role in the literature circle. Summarize the reading
Keep track of characters Scene Setter Describe the setting
Illustrate the reading Mark significant paragraphs/quotations
Highlight the meaning of those passages Make text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections Text-to-Self: In the text, the narrator says that there are six people in her family (pg. 3). I also have six people in my immediate family.
Text-to-Text: The narrator's parents and Jing-Mei's mom in "Two Kinds," both want a better life for their children.
Text-to-World: Where the narrator used to live, they had to carry water over from the washroom next door (pg. 4). Some people cannot afford running water. Clean drinking water is also an issue. Word Wizard Barkley
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