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Different Types of Maps

No description

Marie Wimsett

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Different Types of Maps

Different Types of Maps
Political Maps
Political maps are used to show the borders between continents, countries, states, and counties. They usually include major cities and bodies of water. Political maps use bright colors to help us see the different areas and their borders.
Road Maps
A road map is a map made especially for motorists. Road maps show the cities and towns in a particular area and the main roads in and around them. Road maps often include tourist attractions and places of interest as well as distances from one place to another.
Specialty Maps
Specialty maps, like resource maps, climate maps, and population maps, focus on one particular topic. These kinds of maps are specialized to give us specific information. It's important to look at the map key to understand specialty maps.
Physical Maps
Physical maps show the physical features (like landforms and bodies of water) on the earth's surface. Colors, lines, and shading are used to show different elevations and landforms. Major cities and bodies of water are often shown on physical maps.
Maps are useful tools that give us information to help us learn and do things. There are many different types of maps. Each type has a specific purpose. Let's take a look at six different types of maps and how they are useful.
How can political maps be useful?
How can physical maps help us?
Why is a road map handy to have?
Why is a road map a handy thing to have?
What kinds of other specialty maps can you think of?
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