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To Kill a Mockingbird Project

No description

Darryl Peters

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird Project

To Kill a Mockingbird Project

Racism from the south
Their was more racism from the south than the north. During the 1930's racism from the south got to its worst point.many southern ministers said that African Americans were meant to be hated and serve Americans. In the 1930's an African American could be accused of rape for shaking another mans hand. Americans and African americans rarely ate together, and if they did their was a divider and the American always got served first. Their were places that did not allow African Americans in their business.
Racism From the North
African Americans were forced to mingle in different unions than the Americans. African Americans were very poor in the 1930's and we were used as house mothers,nannies,maids ect. American women were very serious about their house and how it should not used by African Americans. So the American women made a specific area for them to sleep and they had to use an outhouse.
Ku Klox Klan Racism
The Ku Klox Klan or K.K.K. played a large role for racism in Florida in the 1930's. There was around 30,000 members. Intimidating African American people that tried to vote and "punishing" material identity and clashing union organizers.

They did not keep quiet though, the African Americans organized ways to fight for their rights along with supporting each other. Their effective and nonviolent way of dealing with racism was by gathering together in churches and holding protests.
What is Racism?
Racism is a belief that inherent differences among the different colors and cultures of others, involving the idea that a person thinks his/her culture is better than everyones.
By Darryl,Kara,Emily,Danielle,
and Jared.
Topic: Racism in the 1930's
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