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Spanish Crusades and its Effects

No description

Sloane Silverman

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Spanish Crusades and its Effects

The effects of the Spanish Crusades

Sloane, Hailey, Ross and Tyler Spanish Crusades A Spanish Crusade Vocab Words Inquisition: Tribunal held by church to suppress heresy. Many Jews and Muslims converted because of this.
Reconquista: the effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain, lasting from 1100's to 1492
Heresy: any crime committed against the church Muslims called Moors controlled most of country until 1100's
The Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, took over all of Spain from the Muslims
Monarchs made use of the Inquisition
During the Inquisition, a person suspected of heresy could be questioned and tortured. If they confessed, they were burned at the stake.
In 1492 monarchs expelled all practicing Jews and Muslims from Spain. Crusades weakened feudal nobility: many knights died and lost their fortune
Crusades stimulated trade between Europe and South West Asia: EX. Spices, fruit, and cloth
For Muslims: Intolerance and prejudice displayed by Christians left behind a " legacy of bitterness and hatred," (Textbook pg. 346)
Trade benefited by muslims and Christians in the west
Crusades grew from forces of religious fervor, feudalism, and chivalry, as they came together with explosive energy. Effects of Crusades Timeline ------------------------------------------- 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 •Muslims control Palestine (Holy Land) and threaten Constantinople
•Byzantine Empire calls for help
•Pope wants to reclaim Palestine and reunite Christendom
•Pope appeals to Christian Kings
•Knights fell religious zeal and want land, riches, and adventure
•Italian cities desire commercial power Crusades Causes Effects •Byzantine Empire is weakened and Kings become stronger
•Popes power decreases and Power of feudal nobles weakens
•Religious intolerance grows and Muslims increasingly distrust Christians
•Trade grows between Europe and Middle East
•European technology improves as crusaders learn from Muslims
•Italian cities expand trade and grow rich In the 1100's, Muslims (Moors) controlled most of Spain. Late 1400's the Muslims held only the tiny kingdom of Granada. Many Jews and Muslims converted to Christianity during this time period. In 1492, Granada fell to the Spanish monarchs: Ferdinand and Isabella, who also expelled all practicing Jews and Muslims from Spain. The End And now for a game presented by Ross
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