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Top 10 Naruto Characters

No description

Sam Georgis

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Top 10 Naruto Characters

Top 5 Naruto Characters.
# 5 Gaara
#4 Kisame
This character is well- known, strong and has a lot of chakra. He is known for his water jutsus, including sharks and prisons. This character has a history of being feared for his sharks. He has shark teeth, and is in a clan called akatsuki. His most common jutsus:
Five hungry sharks
Exploding water shockwave
Super exploding water shockwave
3# Tobi
Tobi, is very well known and has a history of interfering a lot with the story. He is the main leader of akatsuki. People also call him Madara/Obito. He is called those names because people think he can be either other character aswell. He hides behind a mask and has a hole where he can see with his rare eye called a sharingan, which is rare eyes from only the Uchiha clan. He is also very powerful with enourmous chakra.
Well kown jutsus:
Mangeko Sharingan
Wood release
#2 Pein (Nagato)
Pein is simalar to tobi. Pein is part of the akatsuki clan. He has a history of seeing his own friend, yahiko make himself get killed by him(nagato). Then, nagato takes chakra needles of yahiko and puts them into himself and makes pein. Pein is deadly, and extremely dangerous. He interferes as much as tobi does.
His well know jutsus:
Six paths of pain.
Shrina tensei
Chibaku tensei
# 1 Naruto

If you have ever wanted to know what the top 5 characters were for
Naruto, these tips may help. Have you ever wanted to know who wins the fight? Who has better skill? You will always be on the edge of your seat until the winner is called. Well now, you dont have to wait, you might have the answer right here!
These characters were chosen based on there ability in 3 things. We judged the characters on the following criterea:
1 Strong or not
2 Important
3 There history
These characters were chosen in my opinion.
You may have heard of him, or not but he is known as the "sand guy". This character is very powerful, and has a shield of sand around him all the time that protects him like a living thing (invisible). He has a history of having no friends, being afraid of. Later on, him and Naruto become friends. His well known jutsus:
Sand coffin
Prison sand burial
Sand tsunami
And much more
This is the main character of the story, without Naruto, the story can no longer go on. Naruto has a history of a nine tailed fox trapped inside him. The fox has amazing power, but in his childhood, people feared him. He was also a trouble maker. He failed the graduation test 3 times, but he is deadly,powerful, and the strongest character in the show. He is well known for many reasons.
His well known jutsus:
Rasen shuriken
Shadow clone jutsu
Kyuubi (nine tails)
These were my top 5 best naruto characters. I think that this was in my opinion and that you might not agree. I reccomend this for people who watch and like the show, and have seen these characters.
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