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The Monserrate Volcanoe

No description

Mr Duke!

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of The Monserrate Volcanoe

The Monserrate Volcaneo
By Daniel Mani (MLG DAN)
Second Period 2
few smoke clouds filled the streets and people panicked a little. Scientist figured that certain parts of the island will be melted, lots of people had to move/evacuate and many lost businesses and homes
the third part was horrifying. smoke filled the streets and many got lung illnesses! Land nearby the volcanoe was burnt to ash and the speed increased per second!
The lava reach the towns, 19 people where said to be burnt. Scientist are still in doubt but they currently believe 7000 people never came back to the island. Meaning at least 2000 homes left Vacant.
In The Beginning
At the start, a volcano in Montserrat was said to be dormant. One day a loud sound shocked the citizens of Montserrat. It was said to be the loudest modern sound. Not everybody took much notice yet little groups of people evacuated to island immediately
Scientist are now investigating and trying to learn how to properly tell exactly when a volcano will erupt, due to the risk one group has taken, many have went homeless and 19 people have died.
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