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Why do kids like candy so much?

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Julia Bober

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Why do kids like candy so much?

and are sugar highs real?
Why do kids like candy so much?
By: Julia Bober

Why children love candy
children love candy because of their sweet tooth! not only do kids prefer candy to other foods, but their sweet tooth is hardwired from day one. scientists have proven that a newborn can detect sweets and would rather have the sweets over the not so sweet stuff.
or are they a myth?
are sugar highs real?
with candy
it is known by many parents not to get Halloween candy early. Why? Because its most likely that your child/ children will beg you to eat it, or even worse eat it with out asking!

now you get some candy too!
:) :)
people always think that if you have too much sugar you have a sugar high, right? well, its a fact that sugar highs aren't real. when kids have candy they think the sugar makes them crazy, but its just them thinking that their crazy not the sugar.
but still, don't eat too much candy or you'll get sick.
Thanks for watching!!!!!
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