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No description

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of AVID

Who is the AVID student?
What is the AVID schedule like?
AVID will meet
College Bound!
2013-2014 AVID TEAM

AVID Coordinator: Ms. Vrsalovich
AVID Team Member: Principal Michael Gotto
AVID Team Member: Mr. Maradkel
AVID Elective Teacher: Mrs. Hodge

Welcome to
Think of AVID
as the center
of your day.
A place where
thoughts, assignments and
commitments are
organized, questions are
answered collaboratively
and goals are set...
What is AVID?
A- Advancement
V- Via
I- Individual
D- Determination

Avid is a year-long elective that is part of a college readiness program.

Avid was designed by a San Diego teacher, Mary Katherine Swanson, to help students get the skills and academic confidence they need to attend college.
Some or all of these things may be true about you! The most important criteria is that
want to be here!
AVID is for the student who has:
Average to high test scores
2.0-3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA)
The potential to go to college with some support
An individual desire and determination to be successful
I want to go to
a college of my
choice someday...
but how do I prepare
can continue
on in AVID in
High School...
LMHS uses AVID strategies in their classrooms...
Wait...I have some questions!
What Will I Need
You will receive a copy of the AVID supply list today. Here is what it will include:

Each student is RECOMMENDED to have:
a Three-Ring binder, at least 2 inches wide
a set of at least 8 divider pages for the binder
a stack of lined paper
a stack of graph paper
a few blue and/or black ink pens
at least on red ink pen
a few pencils and erasers
a set of colored pencils ( not crayons or markers)
a hand held sharpener or a supply of lead
at least one highlighter
a 3-hole zipper pouch to hold pencils/pens in binder

Still have more questions?
Q & A
Avid students often
form a support
network of
friends with
similar goals!
Students like you often have a lot of questions about college...
Please help yourself to some snacks before we
get started!
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