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No description

Tony Liu

on 15 January 2013

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The South China tiger The endangered species 1, What is it? Community Food web Interact of community The circle of life Fun Fact Trying to protect: Biome How they survive The skulls described by Hilzheimer originated in Hankou. The historical range of South China tigers stretched over a vast landscape of 2,000 km from east to west and 1,500 km from north to south in China. The South China tiger was almost all over the Chinese forest in the past. The temperature in there about 20 to 30 in summer. 5 to 20 in winter. I think everybody has seen "Kung Fu Panda". Tigress is a South China tiger. Actually, the South China tigers with the other animals only have predation. Because they are not good for every living things. That is the reason why the people at 1950s killed lots of South China tigers. They also have interspecific competition. One of the South China tiger in Africa has fight with an African tiger for area and food. But it dead at the competition. The Sun Outward Round head Short ears Thick and powerful limbs Long tail
(Behind him) Milky white chest and abdomen Orange yellow body Black stripes 2.3m to 2.65m (90.55in to 104in.) 130 kg to 175 kg (290 lb to 390 lb.) (P.S. This is a lazy South China tiger.) Why it is an endangered species: Being killed: About the South China tigers become a threatened species, it is a great tragedy for China. In the early years of new China, there were more than 4000 wild South China tigers. At that time, it is the largest number of tigers is China. After 1950s and 1960s, the South China tigers suffered unprecedented damage. Because the Chinese government said the South China tigers was as bad as flies and mosquitoes, they all need to be killed. The government also made a Dozen tiger team to kill the South China tigers. After killed: At 1950s, the government got 1500 tiger skin at each year. At 1960s, the government got 100 tiger skin at each year. After that, the government stopped killing tigers. It is hard to find an adult South China tiger in wild. In the late 1990s, there is no more adult South China tiger in wild. At 2000—2001, the Chinese Forestry Administration and the WWF has been searched in South China tiger living place, but they didn’t find any South China tiger in that place. Some foreign scientist think there is no more wild South China tiger in the world. At 1990s, the government only found a few South China tigers in wild. The government put them in the zoo to protect them. Until 2010, there is only 110 South China tiger in the world. Some of them are in the North Africa, and one dead at there. Where dose it live? In the forest of south China, the South China tiger is the king. It is qanterary comsumers. Before the South China tigers becomes endanger species, they eat sheeps, antelope, and bunnies etc. They are the strongest animals in south china, they don't need worry about to being killed by other animals. South China tiger Quanterary
comsumer Sumen antelope Secondary
comsumers Wild pig mouse Primary
comsumers Bunnie Roe deer Producers The plants Bunnies Rod deers South China tigers Chemical
energy Chemical
energy Motion Chemical
energy (Carbon dioxide) Chemical
energy Okay, that's all. Thank you! The END Links http://baike.baidu.com/view/3346.htm (I don't think you can understant that, so you don't need to click it) http://translate.google.com/#zh-CN/en/ (I don't know why I can't open it at school) http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8D%8E%E5%8D%97%E8%99%8E (Stile is an other langurge) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_China_tiger (English now) Bye-Bye lack of data Ecosystem
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