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Emily Morgan and Michelle Morgan

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Emily Morgan and Michelle Morgan

Emily Morgan and
Michelle Morgan

Mary E. Walker and Harvey C. Barnum Jr. were both awarded the medal of honor for being very courageous and having valor during war.
Harvey C. Barnum Jr.
1st Lieutenant Harvey C. Barnum was awarded the Medal Of Honor by president Lyndon B. Johnson on February 27, 1967.
Mary E. Walker
Mary E. Walker was born on November 26, 1832 in Oswega, New York. She is the only known woman to receive a Medal of Honor, as well as only 1 of 6 people to regain it after it was taken away from them.
Michelle's Opinion
Both Walker and Barnum helped/ aided the wounded during their performance on the battlefield.
Both of these awarded military workers were awarded their medal by presidents with the last name Johnson.
He was born in Cheshire, Connecticut on July 21st, 1940 and was fighting in the Vietnam War in 1965.
He was awarded his medal because he showed Valor during the war. He noticed the rifle company was suffering and the commander was injured as well as the radio operator was killed, so he aided the dying commander and strapped the radio onto himself, while assuming command of the company. He showed great courage in these actions.
She fought in the Civil War as a surgeon and allowed herself to be captured by the Union army to be a spy.
After the war, she was a writer and supported the Women's Sufferage moevment.
Mary E. Walker died on February 21, 1919. Just a short year later, a bill was passed for womens' sufferage.
Emily's Opinion
I do believe that both of these outstanding warriors deserve their medals. They showed Valor and courage, as well at honor for their side of the war.
I think that both of these soldiers deserve this award because of their performances throughout the wars that they had fought in.
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