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Prevolution: Developing Gen-Y

A research programme to shape the future of leadership development of emerging young talent

todd eden

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Prevolution: Developing Gen-Y

prevolution Be Part of it.... The
Generation-Y CEO Knows how to make sense of the world through ongoing
cognitive development of more complex ways of thinking Naturally collaboration & thinks network rather than team Loosens centralised controls,
opens the flow of information, and establishes flexible hierarchies Comfortably deals with uncertainty in a constantly shifting world Fighting a talent war Generation-Y seek freedom to discover for themselves naturally collaborative proudly individual values based -
"tell me why" myopic & self absorbed live in the now with constant partial awareness and inability to focus demand engagement informed - with all the worlds knowledge at their fingertips Generation Y
25-35 year olds struggling with bench strength losing top young talent searching for candidates gen-y not fired up successors not ready development programs out-dated "I want to be the best version of me" Leadership thinking is not keeping pace with the dynamic environment

Tomorrows leaders are being developed for yesterdays world But... we know our talent pool of emerging leaders ...and we understand the trajectory of change Outdated Models Generation Y The future Prevolution (n) 1. Being ready for changes that are about to come; 2. Predicting future leadership traits and nurturing young talent to become the iconic CEO's of the future Macro Trends "I expect my career will span 50 years or more, and will wax and wane as I re-evaluate my choices in life. I will need to retrain, perhaps even reinvent myself numerous times to remain relevant to the changing world around me.........I want to be in control of my own destiny, and in control of when, where, and how hard I work." Rising economic power of BRICs The Future Individuals Emerging talent pools in India and China Boards reflect gender and ethnicity Depleting natural resources GDP growth untenable Global population growth Consumption model breaks Water wars Poverty grows Mega slums Affluence gap widens Organisations Innovation Collaborative Unconstrained Devolved ...becomes business as usual in a world of constant experimentation and adaption

...products, business models, collaborations, people engagement The boundary of who is 'inside', and who is 'outside' an organisation blurs.

Expect transient loose collaborations between individuals, suppliers, competitors, and governments. Expect information to flow freely throughout the networked group of collaborators, and externally to consumers, suppliers and markets Pyramidal hierarchies with long chains of command break down to release the agility of devolved decision making Shaping our
Future You Me Generation Y specialist Todd Eden Performance coach Corporate high performer Author & researcher Have identified your generation-y high potentials Are seeking ways to engage and excite them Are open to innovative thinking Want to be associated with the latest emerging leadership thinking Are prepared to invest in a conversation to find out more Are budget constrained and want to know how much it costs The Journey Choose to be a part of it and contact me: Now April Bluestag interviews with Britain's most promising emerging leaders Bluestag development of emerging leader traits March Quantitative research to test the hypothesis May Bluestag development of leadership theory and models for talent development June Publishing of findings & workshops with contributing organisations July prevolution@bluestagcoaching.com bluestag coaching ltd Emerging leaders ready for tomorrows challenges today Be part of it..... Contact: todd eden
(+44) 7730 748705
prevolution@bluestagcoaching.com entitled and self confident
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