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Fainting Goats

No description

Samantha Rosser

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of Fainting Goats

The Fainting Goat.
Fainting Goats like a rocky and uneven terrain. The Fainting Goat originated in North America. They need shrubs , grass and trees in their habitat. Fainting Goats live in large herds so they graze in large areas.
Fainting Goats are also known as stiff legged, wooden legged, Tenesse mountain goats etc.
They faint due to a hereditary condition called Myotonia.
When they get excited or startled they suddenly drop to the ground.
The fainting is painless and they are fully aware of their surroundings.
The Fainting Goats will require uneven terrain,
hills, dirt, rock and foliage in their zoo enclosure.
They will need a large area to graze. They will also
need shelter and protection from wind and rain.
Seating/ Veiwing area for visitors to watch the Fainting Goats
Water trough, shelter and hay for the goats.
Hills and even ground to portray the goats natural habitat.
The stream also mimics their natural environment. The Fainting Goats will enjoy drinking out of the clean stream water.
Over all, I think this is a good enclosure for a Fainting Goat because it allows the goats to feel as if they are in their natural environment.
The End.
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