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C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters

No description

Elliott Gielen

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters

C.S Lewis'
Screwtape Letters Elliott Gielen & Chris Brunhuber Letters 1-5 Letters 6-10 Discussion Letter 10 Fellowship

Serve God vs. Serve the World Letter 8 Law of Undulation
Free Will Letter 9 Sensual Indulgences

Despair or Content with Faith During Troughs Letter 7 Extremes
Their Causes Letter 3 Spirit Life

Thought Process
Behavioral Change Letter 5 Suffering

Discipleship Letter 4 Prayer
Self-examination Letter 1

"Real Life"

What is 'true' and 'false'
"The stream of immediate sense experiences"
Hindu's concept of Maya
Superficial Living Letter 2 Religion vs. Faith
Finding fault with the Church
Having faith
Having religion

Reality Letter 6 Anxieties
Feelings vs. Actions Dear viewer of this Presentation,
The Screwtape Letters are a cleverly adapted interpretation of the “human experience.” C.S. Lewis brings forth underlining themes of idiosyncrasies, whether positive or negative. The snarky, deviant dialoged between Screwtape, a skillful ol’ devil, and his nephew Wormwood, a demonic soul in training, discuss ways to impact a normal John Doe's every move. These letters are accounts of the looming temptations humans are faced with and how they can overcome all in order to live a fruitful and productive life.
Your affectionate peers,
Chris & Elliott The Screwtape Letters "that inarticulate sense for actuality which is our ultimate safeguard against the aberrations of mere logic" p. 4 In the first of Screwtape's letters, he instructs Wormwood not to attempt to win the patient's soul through argument, but rather by fixing his attention on "the stream of immediate sense experiences" (p. 2). Why is immersion in the particulars of "real life" fertile ground for temptation? Why is argument a risky strategy for devils to employ? Where else do you find this opposition between the particular and the universal-between materialism and spiritual faith-in The Screwtape Letters? Why do you feel people stress about the future even if they know there is nothing they can do about it. How can they take those worries and refocus them on actively living in the present situation?
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