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MR-brief EN

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Transcript of MR-brief EN

Why human rights?
Human rights are an essential part of foreign policy

Dutch citizens care about human rights

We need to be committed to human rights

Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are interconnected
Innovation is essential
In 2013...
Innovation neccessary
Triangular cooperation
Approach countries together

Cooperate more with non-Western partners
Innovation through the internet
Integrated cooperation
With corporations, ngo's and media personalities

Network diplomacy

Civil and Political Rights Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Practice what you preach
Human rights abroad at home
A strong European partnership
The EU can make itself heard more easily than the Netherlands on its own
Justice and respect for all
Human Rights policy 2013
Protection of human rights defenders

Equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons (LGBT)

Equal rights for women

Human rights defenders
Shelter City
The Hague
Extension of Shelter City program to 10 human rights defenders
international conference for human rights defenders
Equal rights for LGBT
Examples of embassy activities
Equal rights for women
Focus on leadership and political participation of women

Prevent violence against women

Most serious human rights violations

Freedom of speech and internet freedom

Freedom of religion or belief

Human rights and development

Business and human rights
European Union
United Nations
International Tribunals
Council of Europe
European Court of Human Rights
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Regional organisations (e.g. African Union)
Human Rights Fund
Human rights ambassador
Human Rights Fund
Source: Trouw
The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners when it comes to anti-discrimination and LGBT rights

'New frontier' topic in many countries

Death penalty on LGBT in at least 5 countries
Easier to bring human rights violations to attention

Using the internet as an instrument
Prioritities in Dutch human rights policy
Supporting individuals that, often by risking their own lives, stand up for and protect human rights

Only with pressure from within society real change can be achieved
For and by human rights defenders

To give them more voice in international bodies and in their home countries
Why these priorities?
Movie and debate
We keep doing what we are good at:
Policy implementation
Fora and instruments
Regular contact and political dialogue

Working together with EU- and other countries

Gathering information on the local situation

Contact with human rights defenders and international organisations

Supporting (local) projects

Public diplomacy: visibility
Human rights ambassador
Journeys planned in 2013:
Passing on those values that are important in the Netherlands

These themes are a 'new frontier' - there's much that still needs to be done

We have the expertise and experience to make a difference

Setting priorities fits in with the idea of an international division of labour
...and in Europe
Opening Purple Parade
Kick-off Tokyo Rainbow Week
source: ipsnews.net
Tel Aviv
Promoting women's rights
A Dutch diplomate congratulates an Afghan police officer on finishing her training, Kunduz
Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, Ban Ki-moon and Ricky Martin, at an LGBT event in New York
The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights
Town Hall meeting on human rights policy in Maastricht, NL
The online human rights consultation at Debategraph.org
E.g.: furthering the rule of law in Europe, together with Germany and Finland
Human rights ambassador Lionel Veer together with Chen Guangcheng
LGBT event in Cuba
E.g. in the Freedom Online Coalition
The Dutch division of Amnesty International has 280.000 members and as such one the largest divisions in the world.
E.g. LGBT rights initiative with Brazil and Cuba
Team up with countries from all over the world
Both during policy making processes...
...policy communication...
... as well as policy implementation
StoryMaker app, developed by Free Press Unlimited
Dialogue between Prime Minister Rutte and President Putin
"The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights explains, monitors and protects human rights, promotes respect for human rights (including equal treatment) in practice, policy and legislation, and increases the awareness of human rights in the Netherlands."
The Netherlands will organise an
Meetings occasionally are held behind closed doors in order to ensure the safety of the participants
with Boris Dittrich
An example of an activity in Kuwait, co-organised by the Dutch embassy
The 47 countries that are included in the Human Rights Fund (MRF)
Other funds are available
Appointed specifically to promote human rights
An example of public diplomacy
The Dutch embassy in Brasilia raises the rainbowflag next to the Dutch one in solidarity with LGBT on the International Day against Homophobia (IDAHO)
A long tradition of human rights policy
Minister Timmermans with the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Pillay
The numbers
€ 33,8 mln - Human Rights Fund
€ 5,0 mln - International Labour Organization
€ 7,5 mln - Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
€ 14,0 mln - Radio Netherlands Worldwide
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Dutch human rights policy letter of 1979
"(…) In a world of great mutual interdependence and complex structures,
like preserving peace and security, promoting the international legal order, protecting human rights, defusing dangerous regional tensions and combating social and economic injustice.’"

Max van der Stoel
Former minister of Foreign Affairs (1973-1977, 1981-1982)
Every 2 years the Netherlands and France introduce a resolution on violence against women at the UN General Assembly
the defence of national interests cannot be separated
from broader objectives
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