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History federation

by Casey

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of History federation

Henry Parkes
Edmund Barton
New South Wales parliament.
Both a part of federation.
They both were politicians.
Born in 1815 in England and then immigrated to new south wales, Australia.
Born in 1849 in Sydney.
When australia became a nation barton was first prime minister but then resigned in 1903, then died 17 years late in 1920.
Parkes first concern was the convicts being transported from britian.
He also started a newspaper that supported a strong role for australians in governing the colonies.
He was elected premier of NSW 5 times.
Parkes only became interested in the idea of federation until NSW centenary in 1888 and as premier he gave a speech about at the centenary celebration.
Barton was very important in making federation become real in Australia.
In 1889, Barton declared his support for Parkes' ideas tolded in the speech at Tenterfield and got involved with the federation campaign from then onwards.
Barton attended many of the conventions and conferences on federation that took place throughout the 1890s. He was an active participant in drafting the new constitution and in making sure the conventions ran smoothly. He was also very involved in getting the necessary laws agreed to in the New South Wales parliament.
At the community level, Barton gave many speeches in support of federation. He liked the idea of the federation movement being something that many Australian people and communities would be a part of. He toured through New South Wales speaking in towns and encouraging local people to set up groups called Federation Leagues. He helped establish a central body for these groups called the Australasian Federation League.
Is often called the 'Father of Federation' for his role as a long-time agitator for the cause.
He gave a speech in October which had an enormous effect on the movement toward Federation.
Parkes was also known as the father of federation.

In September Queensland voters endorse the constitution
31st July in Western Australia holds a referendum at which an overwhelming majority of voters approved the constitution.
1st January commonwealth of Australia is proclaimed centennial park Sydney.
Barton died
Barton died at age 71 on the 7th of january.
Sir Henry Parkes was born on the 27 of may 1815 in New South Wales.

In 1896 there was a recall for another federation convention.
Parkes died.
Special Premiers conference agrees to hold a new federation convention.
Colonial parliaments hold a new convention to decide on a draft constitution.
Parliaments start to lose interest in the idea of federation.
Parkes urged the colonies to federation.

Edmund agreed to help Parkes with his ideas.
In 1888 centenary was held in New South Wales where Parkes gave speeches as the prime minister.
Federation was finally established in Australia.
Barton was born
Barton entered NSW colonial politics.
Parkes was elected to the New South Wales parliament.
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