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Project Share

This presentation explains TEA's Project Share and explores the layout of Epsilen.

Krystel Gutierrez

on 18 August 2010

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Transcript of Project Share

Project Share "Project Share provides an elearning platform to support a community of practitioners dedicated to improving teaching and learning through an interactive and engaging environment" (TEA, 2010). Collaboration between:
New York Times
Epsilen Enables 21st Century eLearning for Texas schools Teachers and students will be able to collaborate
on campus, across Texas, and around the globe. The project will showcase
teacher and student
accomplishments. Project Share engages students in their
digital world and improves
performance Eventually, the site will include... An eportfolio for students and teachers Social Networking Tools Online courses And
MUCH more! So, what do you need to know for now? Before the end of
the school year,
you will receive a
username and password
to log on to Epsilen. Other courses, including TEKS updates and professional development opportunities will be made
available to you. This summer, you will take an online course that will
introduce you to the system. Next school year,
you'll be
introduced to
many of the other
of the system. And, eventually, your students
will begin to use the system, as well. Immediate concerns:
Logging on
Completing a course Eventually... eLearning and Networking opportunities
to bring 21st century tools to every classroom in Texas Project Share:
Something to think about! Clipart copyright lumaxart.com
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