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Yoga Energetics and Chakras

No description

Aleen Dailey

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Yoga Energetics and Chakras

The Subtle Body
Yoga Energetics & Chakras
Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna
Setting intentions in Yoga Practice
"River" or "Channel"
72,000 tubes in which energy flow throughout the body
800 to 700 BCE in the Upanishads:
"... one of them leads up to the crown of the head. Going upward through that, one becomes immortal."
Carry prana
pg. 49 in How Yoga Works
Fall under Kundalini Yoga or Tantra Yoga
Ida= "comfort"
Lunar, feminine, cooling, mental processes, apana vayu
Left nostril, right brain
Rolling to right side after asana

Pingala= "tawny"
Solar, masculine, warming, vital processes, prana vayu
Right nostril, left brain

Sushumna= "very gracious"
Central channel
Path to samadhi

Intersections of all 3 main nadis
"The organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies." - Wheels of Life
Correspond with nerve ganglion and endocrine glands
Why do you practice yoga?
Brings focus to practice and makes more powerful
Have students do this at start of class
Can be in line with the "theme" of the class...
Muladhara= Root support
Location= center of sacrum
Color= orange
Element= water
Gland= ovaries and testes
Function= desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation
Inner state= feelings
Malfunction= lack of sensitivity, addiction, impotence, bladder/kidney problems
Food= melons, berries, cucumber, chocolate
Postures= hip openers, pigeon, pelvic rocks
One's own dwelling place
City of Gems
Location= solar plexus
Color= yellow
Element= fire
Gland= pancreas
Function= will, power, assertiveness
Inner state= laughter, joy, anger
Malfunction= egotism, unhealthy self-image, ulcers, diabetes, digestive disorders
Food= legumes, seeds, carbs, ginger, peppers
Postures= twists, plank, abdominal toners
Location= perineum
Color= blood red
Element= earth
Gland= adrenals
Function= survival, grounding
Inner state= stillness, security, stability
Malfunction= fear of death, ungrounded, weight problems, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, knee problems
Food= root plants, whole grains, nuts
Postures= staff, warriors, squat
pg. 56-58
Location= heart
Color= green
Element= air
Gland= thymus (immune system)
Function= unconditional love
Inner state= compassion
Malfunction= depression, conditional love, unforgiving, asthma, HTN, heart & lung disease
Food= fruits, green veggies, nuts, avocados
Postures= backbends, gate, shoulder openers
Anahata= Unstruck
Location= throat
Color= blue
Element= sound
Gland= thyroid, para-thyroid
Function= communication, creativity
Inner state= synthesis of ideas
Malfunction= attachment, impatience, sore throat, hearing problems
Food= lemons, limes, dark leafy green veggies
Postures= neck stretches, fish, plough
Vishuddha= Purification
Location= third eye
Color= indigo
Element= light
Gland= pineal (wake/sleep patterns)
Function= seeing
Inner state= intuition
Malfunction= reliance on theoretical knowledge, blindness, headaches, nightmares
Food= eating consciously
Postures= lotus, eagle, focused drishti
Ajna= Perception
Location= crown
Color= crystal light or violet
Element= beyond elements, thought
Gland= pituitary (regulates homeostasis)
Function= consciousness
Inner state= understanding
Malfunction= depression, confusion, boredom, apathy
Food= none, fasting
Postures= headstand, rabbit, meditation postures
Sahasrara = Infinity
Yogic View of Energy
Pranayama is a psycho-spiritual science developed around
the concept of energy
the little rivers flowing in our bodies
the major energy plexuses
Prana means "breathing forth"
Usually synonymous with the breath or with air (vayu)
Cleaning Blockages from your "Pipes"
1. Banging on the pipes from the outside
2. Cleaning pipes from inside
pgs 80-83
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