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No description

Sondae Stevens

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of APPENDICITIS

APPENDECITIS LOCATION Located near lower right abdomen
below the cecum FUNCTION Dosent have a role in digestion known as a vestigal organ but is now being understood as a "safe haven" for good gut bacteria. It's former function was to break down cellulose SYMPTOMS pain starts out vague it later on becomes piercing and agonizing pain when it erupts you may feel temporarly better sudden movement or coughing may cause pain symptoms incude
loss of appetite
vomiting CAUSE blocked by feces obsturcted by foreign objects rarely obsturcted by a tumor DIAGNOSTIC Abdominal CT scan uses x- rays to create cross sectional images (3D)  Detectors inside the scanner measure the X- rays so it can create individual images called “slices”  Position: usually you lie on back with arms raised on top of head May have to not eat for 4-6 hours Abdominal Ultrasound Laproscopy  Image of appendix created through sound waves Water based gel is applied to skin.
Transducers are moved around area to get the image You are asked not to eat or drink for numerous hours
Procedure takes about 30 minutes Small cut is made under belly button  Tube with a video camera is inserted into the incision further cuts may be made if other instruments need to be used
 After procedures are over incisions are closed and bandaged Consent form has to be signed
You shouldn’t eat or drink for 8 hours COST In some countries like the United States and Uganda, people have to pay more than $31,000
while other countries like Germany an Italy they do not have to pay a penny all you have to pay for is the antibiotics
In Canada, we have the same thing. Since health, care is free all we have to pay for is the pain killers which only cost four dollars. PROGNOSIS there is no cure since it is not a disease  there are no prevention methods that have been verified  to lower your risk it is recommended that you have fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet TREATMENT To treat an appendicitis it is common to use a mixture of drugs as well as surgery, a common drug That is used is antibiotics the surgical removal of the appendix is called an appendectomy a traditional appendectomy is when you make one cut on the abdomen and remove the appendix the other form of appendectomy is laparoscopic appendectomy
a laparoscopic appendectomy is where multiple incisions are made a camera and surgical tools are inserted to remove the appendix PREVELANCE IN CANADA appendicitis are very common in children  statics show that it is ranked third in being hospitalized for surgical reasons between the ages of 1 – 14 The death rate in appendicitis is approximately 0.1% and has not changed significantly since 1930.
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