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The Facebook Timeline version 1

This presentation was created by USFSP journalism students to educate young teens about the use of Facebook.

Eric Johnson

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Facebook Timeline version 1

How to use it. The Facebook Timeline What is the Timeline? Is the timeline the same as a page? How do I get started? The Facebook timeline is the backbone of every thing you do on Facebook. All the life events and pictures you post on Facebook go into your personal timeline, which is organized in the chronological order in which they are posted.

But that is not all!

You can also change the dates of pictures you post and places you have been so as to organize them in the order they occurred in real life, even if it was 10 years ago.

This presentation will show you how to do that later. How is Facebook different than other social media sites? Strictly speaking the two are not the same.
A timeline is a personal life history, while a
page is something many commercial or
non-profit organizations keep on Facebook
simply for promotional or advertising

However it is still OK to call your timeline
your "Facebook Page." Everyone
will know what you are talking about. Most social media sites like Google+ or Twitter simply
organize the stuff you post in the order added, most recent at the top.

A Facebook timeline is more than that. It is meant to
be your own personal life history you can arrange as you want, even all the way back to when you were born.

BTW, the timeline replaces the "Wall" Facebook was famous for up until recently. Your timeline is you where you share all your pictures and personal happenings. Before you start, you will need to set up the cover photo and profile picture. Add Cover Photo and Profile Pic There are four types of content you can add to your timeline. How can I control who sees what? Look for this box at the top of your timeline. Public Everyone who goes to your Facebook page can see public stories, even if you have never met them, so be careful what you make public. Status A "Status" post is a short blurb that let's people know how your are feeling or what you are doing at this particular time.

It's an easy way to say "This is what's up." Photo Upload a picture of you or some other photo that you have taken with your camera or cell phone.

Once added you can reposition the picture with this device that pops up when you hover over the image. Place Life Event The Cover Photo The cover photo is a "background" image that sits at the top of your timeline. It is often the most visually striking image people first see when they come to your page.

Many people like to put nature scenes or landscapes as their cover photo. How to Add a Cover When you first set-up your timeline your cover photo will be empty. To add a cover just click the "Add a Cover" button in the upper right corner.

With this you can upload a picture from your computer or pick one already uploaded to your online album.

For best results, your cover photo should be at least 720 pixels in width. Your Profile Picture Your profile picture is usually a picture of you, or of something you would like to identify yourself.

It is located on the left side of the page and overlaps your cover photo.

Be sure to smile! How to Add Your Profile Picture Hover your mouse over the space where your profile picture would go. a box will pop-up with the text "Edit Profile Picture." Click this to upload a photo from your computer.

You can also change your profile pic at anytime by following these same steps. Friends Only Me Yes, this is really private. Only you can see this story or photo.

This is a good way to save a post as a draft while you work on it, then later when you are ready you can change the status of the story to public or friends only. Custom You can get really picky about who can see a post.

The custom setting allows you to pick only certain people to view a story, such as your classmates. It's also a good way to hide a story from any one or a number of people. Timeline Management Change a Photo Date Activity Log The Activity Log allows you to completely see everything that has been added to your timeline.

You have complete control over your timeline here. You can mange your likes, friends and privacy settings of previous posts.

See the other topic in this USFSP guide for more information Hide or Delete a Story By the way, this pencil icon next to the star icon lets you hide or delete a story, or mark stories others post as spam. Star a Story Any story or photo can be emphasized by making it a star. You can do this to stuff you post on your timeline or to stories on other timelines.

This highlights the story and makes photos more prominent.

Use this small icon in the upper right corner of a post to star it. Friend Postings Don't forget that friends can post to your timeline and you can post to theirs.

Of course you can always hide or delete stuff other people post to your timeline.

Here is the Post box that you use to post content to a friend's timeline: More Info credits Facebook's Timeline Help A major source for this presentation, but there is a lot more here to explore, including how to videos: How Stuff Works eHow Tech This Prezi slide show was produced by This presentation was created by USFSP journalism students to educate young teens about the use of Facebook Background music downloaded under an educational license from How do I add stuff to my timeline? How can I manage my timeline? How can I find out more information about the timeline? Eric Johnson http://www.templateswise.com/Free_Music_Loops/ This just let's friends know where you are hanging out right now. It's a nice way to remind yourself where you have been. Just pinpoint the closest location from the pop-up map or pick a place from the list of nearby hotspots, then post. More than a status update, here is were you post major happenings in your life: a graduation, a relationship change, or a story of somewhere you have just traveled. There is a lot more to learn about how to use the timeline and other aspects of Facebook.

Here are few places to find out more information. https://www.facebook.com/help/467610326601639/ http://goo.gl/7e2ng http://www.ehow.com/videos-on_108_use-facebook.html Privacy Settings You can control who see's the content you post to your timeline. Next to the "Post" button is a menu to select privacy options. Here are several additional tips that will prove useful in managing your timeline, including the Timeline Review.

As promised earlier, here is how you can change the date of any story or photo you add to Facebook.

This makes it so you can add a picture of yourself as a child and set the date to the time it was really taken, so as to place properly it within your life history. From Facebook's Help page: Only people you know or other Facebooks user's you have designated as friends will be able to see this story USFSP Guide There are other topics included in this USFSP guide that relate to the timeline. Timeline Review One of the most important parts of privacy settings and the activity log is the Timeline Review.

Timeline review allows you to first approve photos and stories others post to your timeline.

To turn on review, go to privacy settings. Under the "Timeline and Tagging" section are a few options available for previewing content before it shows up in your timeline.

Reviews are then managed in the activity log.
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