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Marketing and Market Research in Sports Business

No description

Marcus Cook

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Marketing and Market Research in Sports Business

Marketing and Market Research in Sports Business
How Brand aware are you?

In your pairs can you tell the difference between the branded item and the supermarket store item?

Which food and drink do you prefer. Take all the factors into account?

What influenced you?
Organisations need to understand the characteristics of their customers so that they can match their products or services to customers needs

Analysing preferences and sporting habits for each customer category can help a company know what is likely to sell and at what price.

This all comes down to planning good Market Research
Types of Customer - Market Research
What type of person/people do you associate with the following brands
Objectives: By the end of the session -
All will be able to
• Describe how a PESTLE analysis can help planning market research activities.
• List the types of customers that businesses may target.
Some will be able to

• Explain how businesses plan for market research.
• Explain how methods of market research can help a sports business.

How did you do with the logos?
And these brands........
PESTLE Analysis
Match the statements to PESTLE and then take a look at the following articles and see if you can find examples of PESTLE
Initial Assessment - How much do you already know about:

Market Research
Questionnaires and Surveys for Market Research
The ACORN Classification System
allows companies to target specific customer "types".
Businesses rely on Market Research that identifies what happens in the external environment.

The PESTLE framework helps Businesses do this

Remember that the "Market" is where all businesses operate and trade. Similar to...............
In groups sort the statements under the relevant headings.

Once you have done that read the article and highlight any PESTLE activities.
In your groups make a note of any marketing strategies and ideas that Nike used. Be prepared to feedback your answers.

How do you think Nike gathered this information.
Assignment Brief:

You are considering starting up a new gym as the local leisure centre will be closing in 2017. The local bank has asked you to produce a report that proves it’s worthwhile. They have asked you to conduct some market research for your business.

You must design and undertake a survey (Market Research) to conduct with local people to ensure that you are creating a gym that meets customer expectations.

Surveys and Questionnaires.

In your groups think of a set of 5 questions you would like to ask people about a new gym.

Try and use a variety of
of question that get as much information as quickly as possible. When you have created them discuss with me and then type them up.

Business Costs
Business Growth
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