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Back 2 School Night Presentation


Marvin Mayo

on 13 October 2009

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Transcript of Back 2 School Night Presentation

Channel Islands High School (Oxnard, CA)
California State University, Long Beach
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Emphasis in Management Information Systems and E-Commerce
California State University, Long Beach
Masters of Arts in Education (In Progress)
Emphasis in Educational Technology
Marvin Mayo
Contact Info / Q & A
Work Experience
Misc. Info
work Experience
Misc. Information
Contact Information
Q & A
Work Experience:
Instructional Designer for the Technology Enhanced Learning Center at California State University, Long Beach in the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE)
I assist instructors on how to best use technology in their classroom .
Convert traditional face-to-face courses into hybrid or fully web base online instruction
Specialize in tools such as Elluminate, Blackboard (Beachboard), Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, MagPie, etc.
Focus on accessibility & Video Captioning
5 years
MIsc. Information
Music collector (grooves breaks, old/new school funk, house, electronic, etc.)
Love to Dance & Support the local dance community
Fan of NBA Basketball (Los Angeles Clippers)
Getting Married Next Month
Contact Informattion:
Marvin Mayo
562-985-2889 (office)
Q & A
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