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Rebeca Velázquez Paredes

on 10 September 2018

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Multiuser/ Multitask/ Multiprocessing
Just 3
Everything that is installed in your computer
Task bar: You can personalize it anyway you want
Classifications for the Operative System
Network and desktop applications
Storage tools
These tools in the network allow users to save data in the cloud and have access to it in any place and time, with just having access to the equipment, internet and an account.
Class 107
Monday, September 10th, 2018
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Mobile and desktop devices
Operative Systems
As in the tutorial
Nexus Platform
The Operative System is a program (software) that after turning on the mobile device or desktop, is in charge to administrate all the resources of the system, both hardware and software, so it permits the communication between the user and the device.

All electronic devices need to have the Operative System installed.

The Operative System is the most important program that is installed in the equipment, the user makes use of the system through images and buttons to communicate in a simple and easy way, making the life easier, without the necessity to type commands or instructions, just to see the button or icon to know the application to use.
Platform designed by the UANL, with the purpose of working with the different educative materials, present exams and auto evaluations, upload tasks, review grades, participate in forums, among other activities.

In the desktop there are various icons such as:
Recycle bin
Short cuts
Screen Tip
The three most known desktop applications are:
Windows 10: Last Operative System developed by Microsoft
Android: Provides interfaces to develop several applications for the devices in a simple way
IOS: Oriented to electronic devices
The start menu: Composed by two sections the one on the left shows the recently used programs and the one on the right is filled by the tiles that open up programs by clicking on them twice.

Interactive presentation
Team members
Melissa Rodríguez
Gadiel Fuentes
Karla Duarte
Kenia Sepúlveda
Leslie Rodríguez
Monse Díaz
Sheressada Rivera
Rebeca Velázquez
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