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Lachlan A:Biographical Presentation

No description

lachlan Armstrong

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Lachlan A:Biographical Presentation

Lachlan Armstrong biographical presentation My family consists of my mother father and sister. my father is a nice and kind man who gives me support and encouragement. My mother cooks and takes me places but when she is ill doesn't want to go she makes my father do it. then theirs my irritating little sister who i sometimes wish would just go away and just leave me alone. My family well i dream that one day i will become a pilot. i am already taking lessons in Ballerat. my flight instructorsname is manny. he goes through all the checks and briefing with me and because he is a friend of my mother i get a discount. future a part of my culture is to play video games but to exercise and remain fit as well. I am intelligent and i am seeking to become a pilot so i need to get a good education
culture I value equal respect for everyone but the respect must be fair too so if someone plays up they should be punished but if its someones first offense they should be warned and if it is more than once they should be severely punished. I value kindness as well it means that we all care for each other. values I have many friends but it wasn't my priority in primary school to make new friends. I had my main group of friends and I wasn't interested in making any more until I came to college and was forced to make new ones. friendship
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