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Jon Snow

No description

Spencer Trevizo

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Jon Snow

Jon Snow
Second Strength
Jon Snow
Who Am I?
Lord Commander Mormont
Age: 15
Place of Residence: The Wall in the North
Job I Am Seeking: Ranger
I can cook well enough to feed others from The Night's Watch.
"...he told the wolf. "Go hunt" (509). I send Ghost out to hunt so I have meat for stews I make. I share the stew with the other Brothers of The Night's Watch.
Lord Commander Mormont would say that I am a good man who is loyal and trustworthy. "'Be troubled,' said Jon 'and keep my vows'"(106). Something that is very important to rangers, is their vows. They live and die by their commitments. If I was an oath-breaker or turn-cloak, the rangers would not want me to work beside them.
"Old Bear was particular about his hot spiced wine. So much cinnamon and so much nutmeg...(511). Old bear, who was the leader of my section of The Night's Watch, wanted me to cook for him. Since I was his steward, he knew of my great ability to cook. Even though the cook was supposed to prepare the spiced wine, Old Bear made me prepare it.
I have my direwolf, Ghost, who can hunt for food to feed The Night's Watch.
Stonesnake would say that I'm not blood thirsty like other Brothers of The Night's Watch. "'Will you yield?'" (742). I was forced to fight a girl with Stonesnake, and I just couldn't kill a woman. I gave her the chance to leave all of her weapons and go in peace. This kindness is rare amongst the Brothers. Rangers would respect this kindness and therefore respect me.

I was attacked by The Others, and I defeated them.
"' I have seen the dead walk'" (103). The Others are frozen corpses who came to life. I discovered that fire is the way to kill them. I'm the only person in the Night's Watch who has experienced killing them. This makes me qualified because they are one of the worst things someone can encounter beyond the wall, which is where the rangers go.

Second Experience
I was raised by Lord Eddard Stark.
"'He is Eddard Stark's blood, of Winterfell'" (954). I was treated the same as Eddard's trueborn children, even though I had come from a different mother. This makes me capable for the job of a ranger because as a child I was trained to use a sword and bow by one of the best warriors in The Seven Kingdoms. These are necessary skills for a ranger to have to defend himself.
Something I Enjoy
I enjoy having my direwolf, Ghost, around when I fall asleep.
"Jon was grateful for the extra warmth"(949). I am in a place where it gets very cold at night. My direwolf provides another way, besides fire, for me to stay warm throughout the night.

Another thing I enjoy
I like to spend time with my little half-sister Arya.
"...he used to muss Arya's hair" (208). Spending time with Arya is one of the few things I enjoy. I love to mess up her hair and joke around with her. She is the only one who ever treats me like actual family.
I had to deal with making a choice that would change my life forever. I had to choose between betraying The Night's Watch, or keeping my vows and staying. Ygritte, a girl I met told me to leave it. She wanted me to go with her to meet The King Beyond the Wall, whose name was Mance Rayder, and join his cause.
I dealt with this by thinking about my decision. "'Mance would take you, I know he would'" (749). The girl named Ygritte did not help my decision making. She wanted me to desert The Night's Watch and did all she could to convince me to do so. I knew I would be considered a traitor in all of The Seven Kingdoms if I left. So, I forced Ygritte leave.
This makes me qualified for the job. Many people desert The Night's Watch because it's too difficult for them. I would not break his oath and leave them. Loyalty is a trait all rangers need or they can't be trusted.
A Second Obstacle
I had to overcome the struggle of being a warg. Being a warg meant that I could become one with my direwolf, Ghost. People treat wargs differently because they are things of myth. Wargs are just things in fairytales to scare children before bed. Because of this I am ostracized, and often alone.
I overcame this by embracing it. "'He is a warg,' said The Lord of Bones" (954). When The Lord of Bones realized my ability he allowed me to join The King Beyond the Wall. There I was accepted and I felt like I belonged. So I used my abilities to help the wildlings in any way they needed it. That meant hunting or killing or spying.

This makes me qualified for the job of a ranger because the ability to spy is a great asset to the rangers. I can receive intelligence and battle plans of anyone who should appose The Brothers of the Night's Watch.

Old Chapter Name: Jon (on page 942)

New Chapter Name: Betrayal

Reason 1
"Then a string of red tears appeared across the big man's throat, bright as a ruby necklace, and the blood gushed out of him, and Qhorin Halfhand fell" (953). Jon Snow turned his back on The Night's Watch. He killed his old friend, Qhorin, to prove that he was really done with The Night's Watch. He chose to join the wildlings, who are other deserters of The Night's Watch.

Reason 2
"'...marching on your wall'" (955). Jon is now one of the wildlings, and he must attack The Wall in the North. The same wall he had sworn to protect. He will go with the wildlings and live with them, the whole time getting to know and understand them. Then, hopefully, when he gets to The Wall, he can tell The Night's Watch everything he learned.
Old Chapter Name: Jon (on page 762)

New Chapter Name: The Wolf, the Crow, and the Dream
Reason 1
Not before the crow
" (766). In a dream Jon saw his brother Bran. Jon talked with Bran and wondered why his little brother had three eyes. Bran explained that, with the help of The Three-Eyed Crow, he had received a power like no other. Through that came the opening of the third eye, the mind's eye.
Reason 2
"'Ghost!' Jon shouted, sitting up. He could feel the talons, the pain" (767). In another dream, Jon was seeing the world through the eyes of his direwolf, Ghost. He saw an eagle soaring toward the wolf, ready to attack. To Jon's surprise, when the eagle hit Ghost, he could feel the pain. That's when Jon knew that he and his wolf were connected in some special way.
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