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No description

Judith Garcia

on 19 October 2013

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Customer Relationships
Mission & Vission
Judith's Agency's Mission
To build relationships that will allow us to provide excellent customer service complimentary to the quality products that State Farm has to offer our community.

Zip Code 79938
Demographics is dominated by Hispanic community

Median resident age 27.9

77.4% of residents use Spanish as primary language at home.

Median household income $48,613

Area Observation
Number of vehicles owned is higher per household than the average for the state of TX.

Higher prospect of multi line customers

Capital Investment
Cash/Assets - $10,000

Sign in Bonus - $18,000

Home Equity Line of Credit - $20,000

State Farm Line of Credit - ?

Business income to be re-invested for the first 2 years. Household expenses fully covered by spouse’s income.


Point of entry for team members will be behavioral based.

Team members must be proficient in the following competencies: coaching, teamwork, relationship building, results oriented, & customer focus.

Weekly meetings are to be held with each team member to discuss feedback on goal expectations, current performance, and celebrate successes.

Team Development
Hold yearly customer appreciation event.

Send out B-Day or Anniversary Cards.

Call customers on a quarterly basis to ensure customer has no questions or concerns
General Sales & Marketing Strategy
Market via social network

Bill boards

Local event advertisement & personal marketing. Example of upcoming events in area:

Manifique at The Sunset Heights
La Vina Harvest Festival
Dynamic Women to Women Luncheon

P & C
One line searches/ Focus on marketing multi line discount program
Mail multi line discount card perks to one line policy holders

Follow up with marketing to inquire if customer received information.

Call a minimum of 40 customers per week who currently only have one line of insurance.
Notate conversations in system and flag for follow up on a quarterly basis.

Small Business Prospect-
Target at least 8 small businesses a month
Follow up on a monthly basis
Goal is to establish two small businesses per month.

Renters & Home
Target renter prospects by
establish relationships with at least 3 rental offices per month.

Find out about events such as tenant appreciation day & attend event.

Provide brochures for rental office

Develop relationships with office managers in new housing development.

Financial Services
Auto Loan Program-Build relationships with dealerships.

Sales Manager Mission Chevrolet- Orlando Urias

Sales Manager Viva Chevrolet- Moses Lagos

Sales manager Hoy Fox Mercedes- Leslie Fleischer

Market competitive auto financing
Find out about car shows or military appreciation events that car dealerships will be hosting & attend

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