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My Family Tree

Based on Newell's Model

Maiah Asiel Diala

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family Tree
The purpose of this project is to show how Newell's model relates in our everyday lives.
This presentation will also give a better understanding of how we are structured, our behaviors, social and external environments, and different goals can be passed on from one generation to another.
This presentation will be focusing on areas such as my family background and my family itself.
This project will illustrate a cycle of constraints and how it developed in my family.
by: Maiah Asiel Diala
71 and counting
taller than average
Health status: has diabetes, hypertension, and minor heart problems
Fears: fearless, a very brave man
Motivations: to make sure that everyone in the family finishes college
grew up in a farm
religious because he was raised in a Catholic family
very involved in politics since he was very active in school governing positions back in high school and college
69 and counting
average height
Health status: has arthritis, asthma, and visual problems
Fears: fear of not being able to have the family all together
Motivation: to raise her children in the best way and make sure they grow up properly educated
grew up in a farm
very religious because she grew up in a very religious family
a housewife
since she grew up in a farm, she knows well how to do chores
loves to cook
loves to watch tv drama shows
(Mom's side)
56 and counting
average weight
Health status: minor heart problems, and visual problems
Fear: He fears her daughters getting in a relationship because he thinks it will intervene with their studies badly
Motivation: to make sure that his family is living comfortably
grew up in the city
has a passion in mechanical and industrial work because he was raised in the urban part of the country
loves trucks
currently a mechanical engineer
loves driving and traveling
42 and counting
average weight
Health status: healthy
Fear: Fear that was family will eventually drift apart
Motivation: to make sure that kids are doing great in school
grew up in the city
loves medical field for she's been around people who are doctors, and nurses
religious because of her parents and how she was raised
sociable for she was used to be around many people (have 10 other siblings)
currently works as a nurse and part time dermatologist
loves to cook
loves to clean and do chores
loves to watch TV drama shows
Some Traits I Got From Them..
Meet my Siblings..
This project helped me learned more about my family.
I've learned things that I never knew about my parents and grandparents.
This project relating to Newell's model taught me that not all constraints are negative.
I learned that different factors can affect you in so many ways that eventually will have an effect on the person that you are now.
older twin
more sociable
likes Science and History
younger twin
good in Math
We both like..
reading fictional books
blasting music out loud
being clean
same certain dishes when we go out to eat
16, sophomore, Nursing major
16, sophomore,
major (Pre-PT)
15 years old
freshman in high school
speaks Filipino & English
one of the main cadets in her color guard team
loves to dance
very responsible over our two younger brothers
9 years old
4th grader
taller than average
speaks English and Filipino
loves to play video games
loves trucks and cars
7 years old
2nd grader
only speaks English
only child that was born here in the US
loves video games
very loud
The End :)
Dark complexion
Dark brown eyes
Average height
interest in medical field
household chores
interest in cooking
born in the city, grew up in the country
grew up in a religious family
grew up to be hardworking
since my family is religious, going to church is a big thing
Since both of my grandparents are overweight, family health is critical
since my mom is involved in the mdeical field, that fact plays a role in the major that I am interested in right now
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